Steam Link app hopes to blow your mind with mobile game streaming

Steam Link app hopes to blow your mind with mobile game streaming

Steam Link app hopes to blow your mind with mobile game streaming

However, based on the information that we've heard thus far, we imagine that you'll be able to at least play less demanding games like certain indie titles on your mobile devices with relative ease via the Steam Link app. It's meant to allow players to utilize their Steam library on their Android or iOS devices while connected to Wi-Fi or wired to their host system.

Valve announced today that two new phone, tablet, and TV apps are on the way, and together they'll allow Steam users to stream their libraries of games and videos to Android and Apple devices without any extra hardware. Android access will initially be offered in beta.

The Steam Link app launches the week of May 21, specifically citing support for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV devices.

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Also announced is the Steam Video app, which will be launched later this summer.

On the off-chance that you are unaware, Valve Software Corporation's Steam is the biggest platform for buying and playing PC games.

While many games are probably a bit cumbersome to play on a the small screen of a smartphone, I'm certainly looking forward to enjoying my visual novels in bed.

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Linux and SteamOS are also supported, per Ars Technica, along with keyboard, mouse controls and other compatible controllers. Thanks to customer feedback, this app will function in both wireless and offline modes. Both apps will be free.

The news comes via a press release detailing the new mobile apps, which are Steam Link and Steam Video.

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