MI boy just can't hold it, pees during mom's marriage proposal

MI boy just can't hold it, pees during mom's marriage proposal

MI boy just can't hold it, pees during mom's marriage proposal

As Kevin Przytula went down on knee to propose to his girlfriend of one year, toddler Owen Anter was preparing to make a scene of his own. As Przytula drops to one knee, Alyssa's young son, Owen, dropped his trousers and got down to business.

Owen will surely be proud of this moment when he gets older.

This whiz kid just started potty training and decided it would be a good time to drop his trousers and go to the bathroom, creating a memory this family will never forget.

Przytula kept his gaze on Allyssa.

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Anter said this wasn't the first time Owen has urinated in public.

A MI boy found a way to make his mark on the occasion of his mother's marriage proposal.

Przytula's daughter is heard laughing in the background as Owen relieves himself, but the couple doesn't appear to notice until later when she draws attention to his antics.

"Oh my God he's peeing, are you serious?"

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It takes nearly 30 seconds for the newly-engaged parents to notice that Owen was peeing on the sidewalk in front of Bay City's Ring of Friendship statue.

The whole thing was caught on video, which was posted to Facebook and garnered a whole bunch of laughs, but it was eventually taken down after Facebook received a complaint.

The video was originally posted to Facebook but removed after a complaint was filed.

When you've got to go, you've got to go!

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