Snail Memory Transplant Performed Using RNA, Scientists Say

Snail Memory Transplant Performed Using RNA, Scientists Say

Snail Memory Transplant Performed Using RNA, Scientists Say

The sea hare is a well understood model species in neurobiological studies, with a pedigree reaching back to Nobel laureate E. R. Kandel's research on learning and memory in the 1960s.

"What we are talking about are very specific kinds of memories, not the sort that says what happened to me on my fifth birthday, or who is the president of the United States", said Glanzman, whose study appears in the journal eNeuro.

"The study suggests that RNA populations are the missing link in the search for memory", Bridget Queenan, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who was not involved in the study, writes in an email to The Scientist.

For this objective, the injection of specific ribonucleic acids.

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In his team's latest experiments, Glanzman and his colleagues zapped snails' tails, then pulled the abdominal neurons from the shocked snails, extracted their RNA, dissolved the RNA into deionized water, and injected the solution into the necks of snails that had never been shocked.

For decades, researchers have tried to pinpoint how, when, and where memories form.

At the point when a marine snail is given electric tail stuns, its tangible neurons turn out to be more edgy.

In their experiments, the UCLA researchers trained snails to be more sensitive to perceived danger. The team found that the snails would withdraw for about 50 seconds on average, while a control group that hadn't received shocks would only contract for around one second. Curiously, the specialists found, including RNA from the snails that had been given stuns likewise created expanded volatility in tactile neurons in a Petri dish; it didn't do as such in engine neurons.

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And when the RNA was injected in an untrained sea snail, it immediately responded to the shock in the same way.

The snails that received the implants had a defensive reaction of about 40 seconds after the implants, even though they had not had a reaction previously, the BBC reported.

The memory from one sea hare was transferred to another via injections.

In a statement for The Guardian, Glanzman commented on the nature of the experiment, noting that the type of memories that were transplanted from one snail to another was crucial to the success of the procedure.

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In the field of neuroscience, it has always been thought that memories are stored in synapses. Instead, Glanzman believes they may be storied in the nuclei of neurons, a theory that needs more study to be definitively shown.

Professor Glanzman said in future it might be possible to awaken and restore memories that have gone dormant in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, or ameliorate the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Researchers find out about the cell science of this straightforward type of learning in this creature than some other type of learning in some other living being, Glanzman said.

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