Android P could predict your frequently changed toggle settings in the future

Android P could predict your frequently changed toggle settings in the future

Android P could predict your frequently changed toggle settings in the future

Oracle Australia, a branch of Oracle Corporation, recently met with members of the ACCC and claimed that Google harvests an average of a gigabyte of data a month from individual Android users.

P boasts a new look with more rounded corners on text boxes and menus and several technical improvements such as support for multiple cameras, the ability to gather indoor location data and improved fingerprint recognition. "This set of options is inadequate and the confusing consent process is replicated throughout Android's various settings, where location privacy is often mischaracterized or subdivided so few users could effectuate their choice to opt-out of Google's location data gathering". Concerned about the impact that both Google and Facebook have had on the advertising market, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (the ACCC) launched an inquiry. Considering that Play Store is being used by millions of Android fans every day, Google doesn't afford to have it malfunctioning, crash or bug out.

Google is also encouraging smartphone manufactures to update their phones in a timely manner while taking focus away from internal workings to new user interface enhancements. Oracle claims that Android phones send information to Google about where their owners are located, even if location services are switched off and there is no SIM card present.

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However, Oracle "experts" have found that Google is tracking users' location data, even if Google Maps is not open.

According to reports: "Google has mapped IP addresses, Wi-Fi connection points, and mobile towers". To that end, as someone who admittedly uses his phone too much, Google's Digital Wellbeing initiatives are a good start.

Reports indicate that almost $600 million is spent annually in Australia to secretly track users' every step.

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Oracle is also reported to have suggested to the ACCC that Google could also be accessing location data from the handsets.

Even though Google claims that customers have given their consent to hand over the data when they chose to use an Android smartphone, data privacy advocates say that customers are unaware about the real consequences of their decision.

Two groups of Apple shareholders in January asked the company to design products to combat phone addiction in children.

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