Apple and Samsung back in court over seven-year patent feud

Apple and Samsung back in court over seven-year patent feud

Apple and Samsung back in court over seven-year patent feud

In the latest trial, Apple has the burden of proof to prove that Samsung should pay the full $1 billion in damages.

Samsung was ordered to pay over a billion dollars to Apple, but that amount was later lowered to roughly $340 million.

For his part, Joswiak today opened by saying that Steve Jobs built Apple around a central theme of design while showing the jury photos of Apple products.

The retrial focuses on a few handsets that are never again sold by Samsung, including the Droid Charge, Mesmerize and Galaxy S2.

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Previously Samsung was found guilty of infringing three design patents. especially the front and rear look of the original iPhone's body. Lee argued that the iPhone's design is a major part of what made it a top seller, and that Samsung deliberately copied the black screen, rounded corners, bezels and application layout to boost sales. The war of patents has been going on for many years.

Samsung lost the case in 2012. Samsung argues the Cupertino-based technology company should only get a portion of the profits that directly relate to the three design patents at issue.

Apple attorney Bill Lee stressed to jurors the importance of design to Apple, which "puts design before everything else".

Samsung is asking the jury to determine how much each of these discrete elements is worth and then assess damages accordingly. Samsung provides key components to Apple's flagship laptops, smartphones and table computers. Samsung is now urging the jury to minimize the demanded damage recovery sum as much as possible.

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In the seemingly never-ending smartphone patent war between Apple and Samsung, both sides delivered opening arguments in a Silicon Valley federal courtroom, this time on how to fairly calculate damages Samsung owes Apple for infringing five of Apple's patents. But, according to Samsung, that should not cover the entire profit.

Instead, the judges unanimously decided that an award could be based exclusively on the value of the components involved.

Samsung attorneys, according to Bloomberg, argued this week that the damages should be paid based exclusively based on three "narrow" design patents - which would amount to $28 million. Though the final verdict hasn't come up yet, we need to see what happens in the end. The jury will have to decide if the Supreme Court's caveat applies to the current case, or if Apple's characterization of the matter is more correct.

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