CMS teachers prepare for rally in Raleigh

CMS teachers prepare for rally in Raleigh

CMS teachers prepare for rally in Raleigh

Closing on Wednesday could mean the school would have to schedule a make-up day on a Saturday or even on Memorial Day, Brown said.

"Long-term salary growth is exactly what teachers need", said Moore. "If it's a fight they want, they got it".

Teacher salaries recently topped $50,000 for the first time, and Republican legislative leaders are quick to point out the pay bumps they've delivered in recent state budgets.

Teachers are demanding the state catch up in teacher pay and per-pupil expenditure within the next four years. "This is my 37th year", said Erlene Lyde.

We find it hard to blame the teachers, who have been peaceably complaining through proper channels for years.

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He goes on to say he cannot even afford to attend the rally in Raleigh on May 16 where teachers plan to protest for better pay because it would reduce his paycheck $75 by taking that day as a personal day.

"When they talk about average teacher salaries and pay raises, people in my situation with 30 years haven't seen a dime of that money".

Teachers from 20 school districts across the state plan to strike, a demonstration that will affect around 700,000 North Carolina students.

"What they've been doing to our public schools is not right", North Carolina Association of Educators President Mark Jewell told ABC11 WTVD. "But the fact a million kids will be out of school because a political organization wants to come have words with us is probably front and center on this".

MS could be the next state to see teachers go on strike, according to analysis by the Brookings Institution.

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According to Easley, existing education compensation packages in the state are not competitive enough to keep veteran teachers in the classroom when compared to those from surrounding states and the private sector. To our colleagues in public charter schools across North Carolina, we call on you to join us May 16 and beyond to strengthen our public schools and to demand policies that grant every student in North Carolina access to a world-class education.

Teachers in Arizona won a 20% raise. Over 18,000 N.C. teachers have recieved at least a $14,000 raise since 2014. It basically kept dropping until the previous year in the period. When we say more in North Carolina, we're talking the bare necessities. I feel uncomfortable. I shouldn't feel uncomfortable saying that teachers should be paid more.

Betsy Hester, a teacher and coordinator of the IB Diploma program at Rocky Mount High School, said it appears to her that the state legislature is attempting to dismantle public education.

The Greek state of Epirus' clashes with Rome make a fitting history lesson for today, when thousands of North Carolina teachers will march on the General Assembly.

The march in Raleigh starts at 9:45 the NCAE headquarters. Turning an advocacy day into a protest march may have the opposite effect, driving a wedge between teachers and legislators. The House and Senate will convene at noon.

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