Deadpool 2 exceeds expectations by going extra on everything

Deadpool 2 exceeds expectations by going extra on everything

Deadpool 2 exceeds expectations by going extra on everything

Ryan Reynolds had an adorable interview with the Kakao character Ryan!

Critical response to Deadpool 2 has been largely positive, with only a handful of reviewers (so far, at least) holding off on blind praise due to some less-than-ideal portrayals of supporting characters and dashes of a franchise-building feel throughout (in order to set up X-Force, of course).

However, Deadpool also laments that in "Logan" the metal-clawed, fast-healing hero also (and, um, spoiler alert) "upped the ante" by dying. Mancini, who admitted he was lukewarm on the first Deadpool, concluded that the sequel "revels in the small victories, in simply feeling like it was written by dorks and not an algorithm", and acts as the "perfect counter-programming for Infinity War".

Deadpool 2 puts its own spin on the Marvel Comics formula of spectacular action sequences, earthy humour and heartbreak.

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Leitch reminds us of his action chops after the explosion, as the narrating Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, takes us back a few weeks, to his "Merc With the Mouth" dusting bad guys in places such as Sicily, Tokyo and Biloxi. Even Morena Baccarin, who returns as Deadpool's girlfriend, Vanessa, was surprised when she first read the script. The celebrity couple was recently seen together spending a date night at the premiere of Deadpool 2.

"The industry discriminates!" he insists.

Unable to reason with Cable, who has his reasons for wanting Russell dead, Deadpool decides to try to stop him. In fact, no such rooms existed - the word referred to exit passageways in Roman stadia - but the myth persists, and provides a helpful image for understanding the appeal of Deadpool. Despite the recent rumors that came to the conclusion that the Gossip Girl actress and her husband were not on the best of terms, there is proof that the rumors are nothing more than rumors.

Admittedly, if you did not care for the first Deadpool, there might not be more here to win you over. The action sequences are much bigger this time. We don't need Reynolds commenting on everything, all the time.

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While thinking about whom they could sign on for the soundtrack, Reynolds said he thought about who had the last great ballad for a movie. He was a bit funnier in the first film (and in the incredible indie flick Safety Not Guaranteed), yet he does have a terrific closing scene. The movie's problem feels very akin to how I felt about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: The first film felt fresh and disruptive in an increasingly predictable genre - producing more of the same can not not recreate that feeling. Lurking behind its constant self-critiques - pointing out plot holes before you can, acknowledging when its puckish humor edges toward racism but making the joke anyway - is a odd combination of cleverness and cowardice, a self-inoculation against the very responses it goes out of its way to provoke. We might someday see Mystique shape-shift into The Hulk to fight Mr. That means when he does a movie, she doesn't and vice versa.

Meanwhile, Brolin is by-the-numbers but enjoyable as Cable. New helmer David Leitch (Atomic Blonde) clearly had a ball with his license to conjure maximum mayhem, but he pumps the brakes just when the proceedings are about to get truly unhinged, as Deadpool experiences a tragedy that saps his desire to go on living. "You sure you're not from the DC universe?"

Brolin wasn't too impressed with Ryan's first slam, after the actor called him a "muffin smuggling pirate puncher" at the top of the clip.

With so many honest superhero movies out there, we should appreciate another one that can't take any of them - or even itself - very seriously.

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