How to trade the Trump-Kim US-North Korea summit

How to trade the Trump-Kim US-North Korea summit

How to trade the Trump-Kim US-North Korea summit

Washington is now aware of the location of one or two of Pyongyang's secret uranium enrichment facilities, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is expected to acknowledge their existence and allow them to be inspected in the upcoming North-U.S. summit, according to a diplomatic source.

North Korea's economy is on the brink thanks to the sanctions being imposed by the US and China.

Despite Beijing-Washington trade frictions, Trump considers Xi "a friend" and has discussed the Korean peninsula with him during bilateral meetings - to the point of being lectured by Xi on Sino-Korean relations over dinner.

Ahead of the summit on June 12 in Singapore between Trump and Kim, the DPRK announced on Saturday that it will destroy its nuclear test site later this month. But the flawless situation of North Korea giving up their nuclear program totally may be unrealistic, but there is some room to negotiate to have a positive result.

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When Pompeo was heading the Central Intelligence Agency he described "separating" Kim from North Korea as the most sensible move to ensure stability.

Trump will welcome United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres to the White House on May 18, 2018.

The three hostages released are Kim Dong-chul, Kim Sang-duk and Kim Hak-song, who were arrested in North Korea and sentenced to around a decade each of hard labor. Pyongyang, he indicated, would have to dismantle its nuclear weapons and allow them to be transported to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. State-run media has repeatedly chided the U.S. for saying North Korea must give up its weapons completely for sanctions relief, with a foreign ministry spokesman saying this month the USA was "deliberately provoking" the country.

The report comes a week after Kim made his second trip to China in less than two months to again meet with President Xi Jinping. What is worth noting is that under this potential situation of "politics of crisis", Trump would not lose much with the "rally-around-the-flag" effect swirling around in American domestic politics, and that this could even help his party in the midterm elections in November. Bolton has often cited the Libya model, which involved Muammar Qaddafi shipping its nuclear weapons out of the country within a relatively short time period.

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Relations between China and North Korea have drastically improved recently.

What scenarios can we expect from the upcoming talks?

Seoul has also proposed holding a high-level dialogue with North Korea this week. It is possible that if North Korea is so eager to exchange "no nukes" with "normal nation", Kim Jong Un could make an agreement with Trump for a denuclearization announcement during the meeting and trust-building down the road. Denuclearization of the North is likely to top the agenda.

"I think Chairman Kim understands that: I think he appreciates the fact that this (summit meeting with Trump) is going to have to be different and big and special, and something that has never been undertaken before", Pompeo said during an interview with Fox News. "If it ends up harming allies - especially Japan - but it saves the United States homeland, it is going to be a win for Trump". Whether Mr. Kim will agree to a freeze on the North's nuclear programme is, however, still in the realm of speculation.

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