Mahathir to continue as Malaysia PM for 1-2 years

Mahathir to continue as Malaysia PM for 1-2 years

Mahathir to continue as Malaysia PM for 1-2 years

A promise to scrap the goods-and-services tax helped Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad win an election that led to Malaysia's first change in government since independence.

Malaysia's attorney general rejected a recommendation in 2015 to investigate potential wrongdoing by then Prime Minister Najib Razak. "There will be no special powers given except as are given to ministers or deputy ministers or deputy prime ministers", Mahathir said.

Mahathir, who earlier slammed Apandi's credibility, said the solicitor general will take over Apandi's job while he goes on leave.

Abdul Razak Idris - former intelligence and investigations director of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission - lodged reports with the body alleging Najib tried to stop the probe into losses at 1MDB.

The report found, among others things, that 1MDB used 288 million ringgit ($73 million) of government funds to pay interest on its debt, which isn't in line with the fund's original objective. He quit the ruling United Malays National Organization party then and later joined the opposition, accusing UMNO's leaders of shielding Najib from the 1MDB allegations.

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Irwan, who also served as chairman of 1MDB, would also be barred from leaving the country, government sources told BenarNews. Both police officers said investigators were not primarily interested in the luxury items but were chasing documents that could be vital for investigations into Najib's administration.Kuala Lumpur's police chief and an official police spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment.Najib said earlier on Saturday that he was going overseas for a week to rest, but just minutes later the Department of Immigration announced that he and his wife had been barred from leaving the country.

Mahathir vowed on Monday to investigate any faults that may have been committed by Najib's government and said all ministries had been instructed not to destroy any documents.

"We do not want to be saddled with extradition requests", Mahathir said, referring to Najib.

1MDB is now under worldwide probes in at least six countries, including Switzerland and Singapore, over charges of money laundering and bribery.

Mahathir also said he will find a replacement for the head of the anti-corruption authority, after the resignation of former one.

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The alliance between Mahathir - who has been prime minister before - and Anwar came after years of feud as the latter was first jailed after Mahathir dismissed him as deputy prime minister in 1998.

Both Najib and 1MDB deny any wrongdoing.

Low, a friend of Najib's stepson Riza Aziz, had no official role at 1MDB but US investigators say he had considerable influence over its dealings and was often in contact with Najib.

Mahathir, in a short statement on Sunday, said he would redefine a controversial anti-fake news law introduced by Najib.

"Even though we support freedom of the press and freedom of speech, there are limits", Mahathir said, apparently backtracking from an election campaign promise to entirely abolish the legislation, which had been criticized as Najib's attempt to quell political dissent and freedom of speech in the run-up to the May 9 election.

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He had been arrested and charged with sedition for allegedly insulting Najib through his caricatures related to the 1MDB scandal.

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