The Senate Will Vote on Whether or Not to Save Net Neutrality

The Senate Will Vote on Whether or Not to Save Net Neutrality

The Senate Will Vote on Whether or Not to Save Net Neutrality

-Evan Greer, Fight for the FutureThe FCC's decision was welcomed by internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast and Verizon, which without net neutrality in place would be able to throttle traffic in order to charge content producers and web users for premium access or services.

The Senate will vote on a resolution under the Congressional Review Act, a law that allows Congress, with a simple-majority vote in both houses, to overturn new regulations by federal agencies within 60 legislative days of implementation.

Democrats in the U-S Senate are forcing a vote this week to undo the Trump Administration's repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules, less than a month before that repeal is to go into effect.

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"The outcome of this Senate vote will impact the fight for Internet freedom for years to come", wrote Fight for the Future's deputy director, Evan Greer. Or will they stick to the party and leave it to be decided by a tie-breaker vote nearly certain to go in their favor? Fifty senators previously declared their support for it - one shy of the majority needed to pass it. Republicans have used the same technique to reverse several Obama-era regulations.

The resolution will seek to overturn a rule voted on by the FCC in December that eliminated most of its net-neutrality regulations.

The agency's two Democrats at the time, Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel, voted to keep the rules on the books. In surveys, solid majorities say they support the principle of net neutrality generally, and the FCC's rules in particular. "The repeal of net neutrality is not only a blow to the average consumer, but it is a blow to public schools, rural Americans, communities of color and small businesses". It also hands off to the Federal Trade Commission the job of ensuring providers abide by the terms they've disclosed and watching out for anticompetitive behavior.

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Senate Democrats will force a vote Wednesday to repeal changes to net neutrality rules that were recently adopted by the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission.

Broken down by political party, 89 percent of Democrats opposed the repeal, along with 75 percent of Republicans, suggesting GOP candidates will face a hard choice when it comes to publicly siding with the Trump administration or voters on the issue during what could be a hard midterm season for Republicans. It is not clear if the U.S. House of Representatives will vote at all on the measure, while the White House has said it opposed repealing the December FCC order. Should the measure somehow make it to President Trump's desk, he's unlikely to sign it since he is on the record as agreeing with the FCC's action.

For almost all of the past 10 years, the FCC has had in place rules that sought to guarantee net-neutrality protections.

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A recent poll showed the majority of Americans across the political spectrum were in support of net neutrality.

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