AT&T and Verizon will carry the Red Hydrogen One smartphone

AT&T and Verizon will carry the Red Hydrogen One smartphone

AT&T and Verizon will carry the Red Hydrogen One smartphone

The biggest takeaway from Brownlee's video of the Hydrogen One prototype, though, may be how big the phone is.

Camera maker RED has been accepting pre-orders for its Hydrogen One phone for close to a year now, but the shipping date keeps slipping – from Q1, then August and then to a non-committal “this summer”. But RED is actually making and releasing one.

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In January, RED confirmed that its first smartphone, the upcoming Hydrogen One, would boast "unprecedented carrier support" and that it would launch during the summer months of this year.

AT&T announced that it would be carrying the RED Hydrogen One. That's because the phone is supposed to be the world's first holographic phone, a device that would offer users 3D-like experiences without glasses. More information is available here. On the plus side, AT&T also offers consumers the chance to get a first look at the holographic smartphone through a demo at AT&T SHAPE at Warner Bros. They will be previewing the phone to the public showing games, movies, and other content that will be available on it. You'd be able to add modules to your phone to improve certain features, a trick mentioned in Verizon's announcement as well. Apple, for what it's worth, has patents detailing holographic screens. Studios in Los Angeles on June 2-3.

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When it was announced in 2017 two prices were listed on the pre-order website. This means the phone can handle 2D, 2D, AR, mixed reality and VR, all without additional hardware or headsets. At the time, Red was looking to launch the phone by early 2018.

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