Google Delays Silencing Video Ads In Chrome

Google Delays Silencing Video Ads In Chrome

Google Delays Silencing Video Ads In Chrome

Numerous commenters suggest the Chrome team allow users to opt in instead of enabling the feature by default. However, the policies were reported to have a negative effect on and other Web experiences like games and Web apps. For smaller platforms especially, the Autoplay policy has broken HTML5-based web games by permanently muting audio unless the developers explicitly write in code to do otherwise.

The fix has an expiry date, however: Pallett has confirmed that Google plans to reinstate the block on Web Audio auto-play in Chrome 70, a move which the community has warned is likely to leave the vast majority of browser-based games unplayable as they are no longer maintained and thus will not be updated to work around Chrome's new policy.

Google pleased users of the world's most popular web browser last month with the release of Chrome 66, which included a feature that blocked the autoplaying of videos with sound.

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Pallett admitted the company could have done a better job of explaining the impact that the change would have on developers who use the Web Audio API. Affected developers will have until then to add a few lines to their code, thus re-enabling the auto-muted audio when a user first interacts with the page.

As pointed out by the Chrome team, developers have been given the tools and methods to modify their media to circumvent the Autoplay policy.

In its Chromium Bug Tracker (via Engadget), Google said it is has now made a decision to temporarily remove the auto mute Web Audio API. Google notes that the rules remain in effect for video and audio with "most media playing on the web" not affected by today's change.

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Meanwhile, the implementation delay is created to give "Web Audio API developers (e.g. gaming, audio applications, some RTC features) more time to update their code".

The Chrome team said that the changes will not impact the web browser's new feature of silencing Internet videos and audio that have an autoplay feature. Unless web developers scramble to use the Web Audio API instead of those tags, Chrome should continue to save your ears from unwanted and potentially obnoxious noises while you browse.

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