Man Threatens Spanish-Speaking Workers: 'My Next Call Will Be to ICE'

Man Threatens Spanish-Speaking Workers: 'My Next Call Will Be to ICE'

Man Threatens Spanish-Speaking Workers: 'My Next Call Will Be to ICE'

"They should be speaking English, not Spanish".

In the video, posted to Twitter by activist Shaun King, the man points to people behind the counter and complains, "Every person I listen to-he spoke it, he spoke it, she's speaking it". He threatened to notify the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) "to have each one of them kicked out of my country". She speaks Spanish and works as an office manager, but she did not want to be identified. "This is America", the man said. If they have the balls to come here and live off of my money - I pay for their welfare. I paid for their welfare, I paid for their ability to be here.

The video was posted to Facebook by Edward Suazo.

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After other customers laugh at his antics and taunt him, with one telling him he's "fucked up", the angry man becomes even angrier.

One of five U.S. residents speaks a language other than English at home, or a record 61.8 million, according to the 2013 American Community Survey, part of the U.S. Census. If you love this country this much!

"He's screaming at the guy serving him, 'Give me my f***ing sandwich, you shouldn't be speaking Spanish, I feel disrespected, go back to your country", recalls the woman, born in NY of Puerto Rican parents. "At first it was, wow, you're bullying someone that you feel superior to for no reason", the woman said. "He's a customer, so I had to stay professional and ask him to leave". VIDEO: Middle school vehicle vandalized with swastikas in Castro Valley " I put my camera down and said, 'You wanna call ICE, call ICE.

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"Your staff should be speaking English, OK?", he adds. "Take a break from the food", the man says before walking away, to which the woman responds, "Maybe you should get hit by a vehicle, you piece of [expletive]!"

After the video filmed on Tuesday went viral the man was widely named as Aaron M. Schlossberg, 42, a registered Republican who runs his own commercial law firm and boasts of being fluent in Spanish in his own work biography.

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