The Crew 2 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Closed Beta Dates

The Crew 2 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Closed Beta Dates

The Crew 2 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Closed Beta Dates

If you're able to get into the beta you can invite up to three friends to join your own "crew" online, and tear up the streets.

The Crew 2 promises to let you take another full road trip across the United States, and Ubisoft plan to let you start your tour early thanks to an upcoming closed beta for the game. Pre-load will be available for the lucky few closed beta participants (across all platforms) on May 29.

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The Crew 2 is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 29.

Nonetheless, the series appears to be heading in an appealing new direction, with a sequel that features the ability to take instant control of cars, bikes, boats, and planes. The beta includes the "Fast-Fav" feature, a gameplay element that lets you instantly change vehicles, as well as jump into a boat while driving across a bridge. As part of the closed beta, players can participate in the Motor Trend Classic Challenge which takes racers to New York City and has them compete with vehicles from the street racing family. It's unclear how much of the map will be open for beta players, but at least all of the vehicle types will be in play.

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Check out the full details on The Crew 2 site. While there's no reason to suspect a deep narrative, that's not really the point.

If you want to try and get in on the closed beta for yourself, you can head over to the official The Crew 2 website to sign up right now. If Ubisoft has those squared away, Motornation could be an exciting playground.

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