Utah Tesla driver had hands off wheel

Utah Tesla driver had hands off wheel

Utah Tesla driver had hands off wheel

Whether an Autopilot feature was engaged when a Model S collided with the rear of a stopped fire truck in the U.S. state of Utah on May 11 remained to be confirmed.

The driver re-enabled Autopilot 1 minute and 22 seconds before the crash, let go of the wheel 2 seconds later and then didn't touch the wheel again before hitting the truck at 60 miles per hour (97 kph).

She re-enabled Autopilot 1m22s before the crash, let go of the wheel two seconds later and then didn't touch the wheel again before hitting the truck at 97km/h.

"Drivers are repeatedly advised Autopilot features do not make Tesla vehicles "autonomous" and that the driver absolutely must remain vigilant with their eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and they must be prepared to take any and all action necessary to avoid hazards on the road", the report read.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has sent its special crash investigations team to the state, after a summary of data from the auto involved in the Friday evening crash was released on Wednesday.

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"What's actually incredible about this accident is that a Model S hit a fire truck at 60mph and the driver only broke an ankle".

"On two such occasions, she had her hands off the wheel for more than one minute each time and her hands came back on only after a visual alert was provided", the report said.

The woman suffered a broken foot and some abrasions from the air bag deployment but, according to police, escaped relatively unscathed from the crash that demolished the front end of the Tesla.

A 28-year-old Lehi woman was issued a citation after her Tesla slammed into the back of truck.

According to local media, police said the woman at the wheel of the auto claimed it was in a self-driving mode and that her attention was on her phone.

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Furthermore, it's now the fourth investigation into a crash involving a Tesla vehicle in just 2 months, which might be a record. The driver finally touched the brake pedal "a second prior to the crash". The truck had been stopped at a red light.

Some automakers, such as Cadillac, have driver assist system that only function if maps indicate that the vehicle is traveling on a route, typically a highway, that is compatible with a auto taking over some driving duties.

Contrary to the proper use of Autopilot, the driver did not pay attention to the road at all times, did not keep her hands on the steering wheel, and she used it on a street with no center median and with stoplight controlled intersections.

But despite several high-profile autopilot crashes, including a fatal collision in California, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has insisted that his technology is safer than traditional cars, the report added.

Tesla is in the middle of a huge push to ramp up production of its critical Model 3 sedan, an entry-level vehicle that it hopes will turbocharge electric auto sales among a new demographic and fill the companies coffers after years of bleeding cash.

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Tesla said that the driver did not heed repeated warnings from the auto to resume control of the vehicle.

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