Yanny or Laurel? Soundbite sparks internet din

Yanny or Laurel? Soundbite sparks internet din

Yanny or Laurel? Soundbite sparks internet din

"I don't know how we can hear something totally different".

One sound clip is reportedly tearing the internet apart based exclusively on fighting surrounding whether, when played, the listener hears "Laurel" or "Yanny".

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"What you hear doesn't mean you have better hearing or poor hearing", said Ryan McCreery, director of research at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Story analyzed the acoustic features of the words "Yanny" and "Laurel". The "ya" and "la" sounds that start the two words are similar and so are the ending sounds, he said.

The cartoon characters, crafted to look like their users, are shouting the words heard in the clip. Does the voice say "Laurel" or "Yanny"?

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"We're not listening to an actual speaker - we're listening to manipulated speech, and that is a bit harder", he said. It is known that some sounds are audible only to people under 25. Where this does matter, she says, and where similar issues are at play, is how people fill in the gaps of their hearing when faced with a noisy context.

I have no idea how anyone else can hear anything but "Laurel" - even when I heard a change in the bass level provided by another tweet.

Next, listen to this clip, which is no longer noisy.

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Finally, go back to the first clip. Now that the brain is primed to cut through the noise, you will probably be able to hear "The juice of lemons makes fine punch".

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