Zuckerberg to appear before European Parliament

Zuckerberg to appear before European Parliament

Zuckerberg to appear before European Parliament

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will meet with leaders of the European parliament in a closed-door meeting next Tuesday about the data protection scandal that has engulfed his company.

The entrepreneur will answer questions about the way it handled and shared the personal data of its users following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

While Zuckerberg testified last month to the U.S. Congress, he had always been noncommittal on his appearance in Europe, sending his chief technical officer to speak to the British parliament and delaying confirmation of any visit to Brussels.

But the decision to hold the meeting with the European Parliament behind closed doors has angered others. And several of the USA lawmakers often appeared to fail to grasp the technical details of Facebook's operations and data privacy.

Zuckerberg's trip across the pond to visit Europe comes ahead of the implementation of the EU's data protection regulation.

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It is a "snub to the United Kingdom and the millions of Facebook users in the United Kingdom who deserve answers", the tweet read.

Yet the question of whether Zuckerberg should explain himself publicly remains a point of contention.

"I will not attend the meeting with Mr Zuckerberg if it's held behind closed doors".

Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová was admonished by Tajani when she said it was a pity the hearing would not be public.

Tajani said that simply showing up to explain himself was already a good move.

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He said the appearance could be as early as next week, and would be "a step in the right direction to restore trust".

Tajani said: "Our citizens deserve a full and detailed explanation".

Zuckerberg will also be meeting with French president, Emmanuel Macron on 23 May.

The world's largest social network has come under scrutiny over the way it handles personal data after revelations that British consultancy Cambridge Analytica, which worked on Donald Trump's 2016 presidential election campaign, improperly accessed the Facebook data of 87 million users. While Nix has testified once to the committee, lawmakers want him to give further evidence - a request he had previously declined. He had refused to appear before the committee last month, citing the ongoing investigation into the firm.

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