Facebook's Zuckerberg to meet EU next Tuesday

Facebook's Zuckerberg to meet EU next Tuesday

Facebook's Zuckerberg to meet EU next Tuesday

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to meet with top members of the European Parliament, according to an announcement from the legislative body's president Wednesday.

The EU and British parliaments have been calling for Zuckerberg to appear before them for weeks ever since it emerged that a company, political consultants Cambridge Analytica, had been allowed to misuse the data of millions of Facebook users.

As opposed to the very public United States congressional hearings, the Brussels meeting will take place behind closed doors, where Zuckerberg will be questioned by parliamentarians.

His concern and even frustration that the leadership of the EP agreed to hold a meeting behind closed doors, was expressed by a number of parliamentarians.

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While Zuckerberg testified last month to the U.S. Congress, he had always been noncommittal on his appearance in Europe, sending his chief technical officer to speak to the British parliament and delaying confirmation of any visit to Brussels.

Collins added: "Following reports that he will be giving evidence to the European Parliament in May, we would like Mr Zuckerberg to come to London during his European trip".

He might get tougher questions in Brussels, where an assertive new European data protection law comes into effect on May 25.

"Facebook users deserve a proper answer to what has happened to their data. It is a step in the right direction towards restoring confidence".

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On Monday, Zuckerberg will also attend a meeting organized by French President Emmanuel Macron aimed at pressuring tech giants to use their global influence for public good.

Further, the nod to speaking with European Union lawmakers comes at a time when Zuckerberg has thrice denied requests from United Kingdom lawmakers, to take questions about his platform in a public hearing. Although the data firm was working on behalf of President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, it was able to sweep up information on about 2.7 million European residents too, according to statements from the European Commission.

Zuckerberg instead chose to dispatch his chief technical officer, Mike Schroepfer, to appear before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee last month.

Cambridge Analytica has denied doing paid work on the campaign for Brexit, and says its work on the Trump campaign did not use data at the centre of a Facebook scandal, where the details of around 87 million users were allegedly improperly obtained.

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