YouTube to launch a premium music service

YouTube to launch a premium music service

YouTube to launch a premium music service

YouTube's two new paid-for offerings focus on music and ad-free, premium video content. YouTube Music, which will have a "reimagines mobile app" and desktop site, promises to go head-to-head with Spotify, offering the same music but with extra playlists, covers, remixes, live versions and music videos - as well as Google's powerful search capabilities for music discovery. Allow us to explain. If you are not living in one of these countries, you can subscribe here to be notified when YouTube Music comes to your area.

Now listen to your favorite music artist, watch Beyonce's Livestream or discover the new music, it's all here, at a single place, YouTube Music. YouTube will offer the "premium" streaming music as a standalone or in combination with its original video plan, which is being rebranded as YouTube Premium from YouTube Red.

The news sent stocks of music streaming companies Spotify and Pandora lower by about 2 percent on Thursday morning.

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How does YouTube Music work? If it's uninterrupted video viewing you want, you will need a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube has promised that more original series from US, Mexico, France, Germany and other countries would feature soon. "The days of jumping back and forth between multiple music apps and YouTube are over", the company said in its announcement. In addition, it will have personalized playlist based on the user's YouTube history.

YouTube Music will be available as a free ad-supported tier, much like Spotify, or you can lose the adverts and gain offline listening with a YouTube Music Premium subscription for $9.99 a month. The listeners will able to enjoy YouTube Music for free, and of course, it will be full of advertisements. The service, like YouTube's main player, will have built-in recommendations and personalization options like the "related" section on the main website.

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Current users of Google Play Music will be automatically transferred to new service with all their playlists and collections will remain intact.

YouTube will release the service from May 22 in America, Australia and New Zealand and will "expand more broadly" in the coming weeks.

This means you will also still have access to any songs you've purchased and any you've stored in the cloud for listening on other devices.

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