Wolf-like animal killed in Montana puzzles wildlife officials

Wolf-like animal killed in Montana puzzles wildlife officials

Wolf-like animal killed in Montana puzzles wildlife officials

It was a young, non-lactating female and a canid, or member of the dog family, Montana wildlife officials concluded, but that's about as far as animal experts got.

The animal originally was reported as a wolf by the rancher, but wolf specialists looked at photos of the animal and doubted it was a purebred wolf. According to the Great Falls Tribune, its large, floppy ears and its shaggy fur were also uncharacteristic of a common wolf.

Was it a wolf, some type of hybrid, or a creature that hasn't been seen in Montana since the Ice Age? Several people report being strong armed into keeping quiet about their reports by men wearing black suits.

"We have no idea what it was" Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks spokesman Bruce Auchly said

Summoned experts could not make a clear assignment, the media reported.

An enigmatic incident has been baffling U.S. authorities in the state of Montana: In mid-May, a farmer near the small town of Denton shot and killed a wolf approaching his farm.

After the dogman stepped over the poster's fence, "I heard it yip and bark while on the other side, which was prairie, with a butte and then forest". Montana FWP announced on Friday that it had collected genetic samples from the creature and sent them off for testing to determine exactly what the animal is. Look into if you don't believe it'.

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"First off (dire wolf) was a song by the Grateful Dead from 1971, ' he said of the mythical creature". "I know; I listened to it many times. Number 2, it's a prehistoric animal, like mastodons and sabre toothed tigers; so it doesn't exist". "There were domestic dogs in the area and then there were children".

Wolf hunting is permitted in the state and residents are allowed to kill wolves that threaten their property, the wildlife agency noted in their news release.

At the moment the body of the animal is investigated by staff of the wildlife of Montana.

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"People think that we're out there dropping wolves off everywhere", Smucker said.

Others guessed the beast is a "shunka warakin", a wolf-hyena hybrid from from Native American lore that once terrified livestock in the region.

Officials are saying that it might take several weeks or months to extract DNA and accurately identify the creature.

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