Whale dies after swallowing 80 plastic bags off southern Thailand

Whale dies after swallowing 80 plastic bags off southern Thailand

Whale dies after swallowing 80 plastic bags off southern Thailand

A veterinary team tried "to help stabilise its illness but finally the whale died" on Friday afternoon, the post said.

The short-finned pilot whale reportedly died after swallowing 80 plastic bags weighing 8kg that were found in its stomach after an autopsy. An autopsy revealed it had some 17 pounds of plastic in its stomach, which included more than 80 plastic bags.

Thai marine biologist Thon Thamrongnawasawat told Agence France-Presse that the plastic stopped the whale from digesting food.

The European Commission on Monday proposed banning single-use plastic products, such as cotton buds and straws, and replacing them with environmentally sustainable alternatives in an effort to reduce marine litter.

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Thai marine authorities attempted to keep the animal afloat and nursed it for several days before it died. It vomited five plastic bags during the rescue attempt.

In another unfortunate incident, a whale in Thailand has been lost to plastic pollution.

Dr. Thon said he was urging the Thai government to do the same.

A tragedy in Thailand is serving as a reminder of the waste littering the world's oceans.

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Countries including the United Kingdom and India are banning straws and single-use bags, and forcing supermarkets to impose levies on plastic bags.

"Perhaps this (whale's death) will make people care more".

The BBC said that plastic bags are believed to kill hundreds of marine animals in Thailand every year.

The oceans' toxic plastic soup is becoming an increasing threat to marine life. "We need to take action now".

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