Pope Francis calls on oil executives to address climate change

Pope Francis calls on oil executives to address climate change

Pope Francis calls on oil executives to address climate change

At a Vatican conference, Pope Francis charged world oil leaders and investors to help stop climate change by taking care of the environment.

The conference, organized by the University of Notre Dame in the United States, brought together executives from asset manager BlackRock, BP and Norwegian oil and energy company Equinor, among others.

"There is no time to lose: We received the Earth as a garden home from the Creator; let us not pass it on to future generations as a wilderness", the Pope added, quoting from his seminal papal document on climate change, "Laudato Si".

"As we know, everyone is affected by the climate crisis", he declared. "If we are to eliminate poverty and hunger. the more than one billion people without electricity today need to gain access to it", the pope told them.

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Francis said Saturday that while the oil and gas companies have made progress toward cleaner fuel and more climate-friendly business practices, there was still more work to do. Failure to adequately address the issue will mean a "catastrophic rise in global temperatures, harsher environments and increased levels of poverty", he said.

In a meeting with industry executives at the Vatican, the Pope said it was "disturbing" that two-and-a-half years after the deal was struck, carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gas levels "remain very high".

Addressing participants at a meeting for executives in the oil and natural gas sectors, the pope urged his hearers to look to green energy as a key to humanity's future while continuing to stump for the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

He also said that the world must move toward using clean energy and a reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

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Francis said that modern society with its "massive movement of information, persons and things requires an huge supply of energy".

Environmental degradation and climate change hurt the poor most of all, he said, telling the group to consider the impact of their economic decisions. In 2015, he penned an encyclical on climate change that said it is real and primarily the result of human activity.

"This is a challenge of epochal proportions". "We believe it's possible to achieve climate targets set out in the Paris agreement, but that requires swift, global and coordinated political action to drive changes in consumer behavior and shift investments towards low carbon technologies". He went on to talk about the difficulties faced by the poor because of things like water shortages and extreme weather that forces them to migrate.

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