IHOP says ‘b’ is for burgers, temporarily

IHOP says ‘b’ is for burgers, temporarily

IHOP says ‘b’ is for burgers, temporarily

After 60 years, the restaurant chain became "IHOb" and the "b" stands for "burgers".

IHOP - er, IHOb - has gone all-in on the name change in terms of its online marketing platforms before the "b" in the new name was revealed.

Turkel said the new name may get consumers to think of IHOP as an establishment that serves more than a breakfast meal.

IHOP announced a name change to IHOb, and it's a curve ball: International House of Burgers.

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The popular breakfast chain made the announcement on Monday and Pro Wrestling Sheet reached out to the only wrestler we felt worthy of weighing in on the topic.

Known for its pancakes, the newly dubbed IHOP is releasing seven Ultimate Steakburgers as part of its rebranding effort - all the while keeping its breakfast items on the menu.

So, naturally, the store is now adding and the handful of new burgers to the menu.

IHOP hosted a Twitter poll, taking guesses for what the B could stand for.

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It's a change the restaurant chain has been teasing for a bit.

IHOb replied, "We don't want any beef with you, we just want to share our beef with the world". "B-hold! #IHOb", the company said in its tweet.

Others called the name change "bizarre" and "a nightmare".

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IHOP has changed its name to IHOb. Will the newest burger joint contender be able to carry its brand through such online ire?

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