Measure to split California into 3 states qualifies for November ballot

Measure to split California into 3 states qualifies for November ballot

Measure to split California into 3 states qualifies for November ballot

A proposal to divide California into three states is now eligible for the November statewide ballot.

The Cal 3 initiative gathered more than 600,000 signatures from registered voters across California's 58 counties, passing the 365,880 required by law.

People in California will have the chance to vote on the radical proposal to split the state into three.

The proposal hopes to split the state into three separate states of California, Northern California and Southern California.

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A second state, Southern California or a name to be chosen by its residents, would consist of Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Imperial, Kern, Kings, Fresno, Tulare, Inyo, Madera and Mono counties.

What do you think of the proposal?

The latest proposal for splitting up the Golden State is promoted by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Timothy Draper.

According to CNN, the initiative claims it can solve California's most pressing issues, including the state's failing school systems, high taxes, deteriorating infrastructure and strained government.

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The plan would create three differently sized regions, but all would have roughly the same population. If a majority of voters who cast ballots agree, the process would begin for the first division of an existing USA state since the creation of West Virginia in 1863.

Draper has reasons for wanting to slice and dice his home state.

A freaky and controversial plan to split California into three states has qualified for the November ballot, and if approved by the voters would begin the process to permanently change the U.S. Congress. He bankrolled efforts in 2012 and 2014 to divide the region into six different Californias, spending around $5 million in his most recent endeavor.

Plenty of ideas about splintering California into smaller states have popped up - including an effort by rural, more conservative northern counties that seek to break away to become "State of Jefferson".

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If the plan was approved by the voters, it would need to be approved by both houses of the California legislature, an unlikely prospect.

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