Net Neutrality Repeal Goes Into Effect

Net Neutrality Repeal Goes Into Effect

Net Neutrality Repeal Goes Into Effect

Without Net Neutrality, internet providers can pick and choose which sites they grant access to and at which speeds, opening the door to censorship. FCC chairman Ajit Pai joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss why he thinks the rollback is "tremendously positive" for consumers. But now there are fewer rules governing how internet service providers can operate. Nine in 10 American households use the internet, according to Pew Research Center, for everything from researching recipes, communicating with friends and family by marking themselves "safe" on Facebook or Googling symptoms of a medical issue to see whether a trip to the emergency room is needed.

Meanwhile, even before the end of the net-neutrality rules, several broadband providers, including AT&T and Verizon, were experimenting with so-called zero-rating programs.

"I think ultimately it's going to mean better, faster, cheaper Internet access and more competition", Pai said in an interview.

"Our approach includes strong consumer protections", Pai wrote in his CNET op-ed.

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In December 2017, the FCC voted to repeal those "open internet" rules, reclassifying the internet as an information service, which is subject to less regulation.

The chairman hasn't talked about any of those incidents where the ISPs discriminated against content by blocking websites or apps that could be their competitors or how their decision to offer paid and fast lanes to big companies could kill the innovation that is being heralded as the victor of this repeal.

The major broadband operators have said they don't plan to create internet fast lanes. Earlier this decade, many consumers found their access to Netflix slowed amid a dispute between the streaming video provider and broadband companies over who would pay to upgrade the connections between their networks.

E-commerce startups have feared that they could end up on the losing end of paid prioritization, with their websites and services loading more slowly than those run by internet behemoths.

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"It's patently illegal for the states to make their own internet policy", Roslyn Layton, a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute who served on President Trump's transition team for the FCC, told CNNMoney last month.

Some states are trying to ensure that net neutrality is in effect, these states include Washington, Montana, and NY; other states have legislation pending. Twenty-three attorneys general, along with various technology associations, consumer watchdogs and companies including Mozilla, are now suing to reinstate the former rules. And as we've seen with the Netflix-Comcast dispute, these carriers can meddle with traffic, slow it down, throttle it and do so in surreptitious ways that are not easily identifiable, not [easy to] establish who's to blame.

Two states, OR and Washington, have passed net neutrality laws and 29 states are considering legislation, which could lead to new legal battles over Internet laws.

But many advocates expect that sooner or later, broadband providers will act in ways that would have violated the former rules. How has Amazon's entry changed the grocery business?

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