Trump Won’t Stop Tearing Up Papers, So Staffers Tape Them Back Together

Trump Won’t Stop Tearing Up Papers, So Staffers Tape Them Back Together

Trump Won’t Stop Tearing Up Papers, So Staffers Tape Them Back Together

Solomon Lartey, who had almost 30 years' experience as a government official, said he and his colleagues would sift through large piles of shredded paper and piece them together "like a jigsaw puzzle".

CNN reported Monday that Trump has a habit of ripping up memos and documents that should be preserved under the Presidential Records Act.

Presidential records must be preserved and transferred to the national archives under USA law which "places the responsibility for the custody and management of incumbent presidential records with the president".

"We literally had to spend hours per day piecing together the puzzle prior to taping them", Young told host Alisyn Camerota after going through the process in which he carefully spread out ripped pieces of paper on a desk and reconstructed them.

Under the Presidential Records Act, all materials must be filed and saved in the National Archives. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) had sent the President that was ripped "into tiny pieces".

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The employees said that the project was still ongoing as of this spring, when both Lartey and co-worker Reginald Young Jr. were pushed out from their jobs along with other careers officials. This is the same law that ostensibly prevents the president from deleting tweets as well.

As to why Trump was tearing up the documents in the first place, that - according to Lartey - remains a mystery. "It was the craziest thing ever".

The 48-year-old told Politico: 'We had to endure this under the Trump administration.

His colleague, Mr Young, worked as a senior records management analyst.

Trump reportedly still rips up scraps of paper and throws them out. "I never remember the president throwing any official paper away".

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"I was stunned", Lartey said.

"I'm looking at my director, and saying, 'Are you guys serious?'" Young told Politico.

Lartey and Young Jr. both admitted to that they had never been given such a freaky task in all their years serving in office. "It felt like the lowest form of work you can take on without having to empty the trash cans".

Politico noted it was reporting on a story about the men's sudden termination with no explanation when they described their job duties to the news site.

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