United States aims for 'major' North Korea disarmament in 2.5 years: Pompeo

United States aims for 'major' North Korea disarmament in 2.5 years: Pompeo

United States aims for 'major' North Korea disarmament in 2.5 years: Pompeo

US President Donald Trump has challenged sceptical media coverage of his historic summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un, declaring that "Fake News" is the United States' "biggest enemy".

Trump had an idea about how to counter the nuclear threat posed by North Korea, which he got after speaking to Russian President Vladimir Putin: If the US stopped joint military exercises with the South Koreans, it could help moderate Kim Jong Un's behavior.

After hours of discussions, Trump and Kim signed an agreement committing the United States to unspecified "security guarantees" in exchange for a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

Trump, who said this week that North Korea's nuclear program is "very substantial, " has also softened his rhetoric - suspending military exercises and scaling back his demands for what North Korea must do to receive relief from sanctions.

When asked why the words "verifiable" and "irreversible" weren't included in the statement - words that form part of a State Department policy of "complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization", or CVID, before lifting sanctions on North Korea - Pompeo said, "I find that question insulting and ridiculous and frankly ludicrous".

Donald Trump says North Korea no longer a nuclear threat: ‘sleep well!’

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived at Osan Air Base south of Seoul from Singapore early Wednesday evening. In the run-up to the summit, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a last-minute visit to the White House to secure Trump's support in pushing for the return of Japanese citizens abducted in North Korea. In return, Trump has promised to stop US military drills in South Korea. It wasn't until Trump's tenure that North Korea began testing an intercontinental ballistic missile and the bellicose rhetoric between the two leaders ramped up.

"We had pretty much finished, and I said, 'Would you do me a favor?"

In his post-summit press conference, Trump made the surprise announcement that the U.S. would halt joint military exercises with its security ally Seoul - something long sought by Pyongyang, which claims the drills are a rehearsal for invasion.

But he said that was no longer the case, and everyone can "sleep well tonight".

Sebastian Gorka praised President Trump after his summit with Kim Jong Un that went "beyond all expectations".

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Mr Beloussov added the North Korean hacking group is allegedly backed by Pyongyang so it could easily start cyber-espionage operation on multiple countries.

North Korea is believed to possess more than 50 nuclear warheads, with its atomic program spread across more than 100 sites constructed over decades to evade worldwide inspections.

In public, at least, South Korea's leader sought to put a positive spin on the summit's outcome. The two leaders met on Tuesday and signing a brief declaration on denuclearization and reducing tensions.

But no rational and objective observer who followed the summit and saw Trump and Kim behaving so cordially can believe that Trump is leading the USA into a nuclear war with North Korea.

Specifically, Trump said "fake news" will destroy America.

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Most Western observers have said the deal includes no new commitments from North Korea nor details on how denuclearisation could be achieved or verified.

"I looked at the document and I said, 'Is this for real?'" he said.

"Let's see if I have this straight", she said. Trump cast that decision as a cost-saving measure, but also called the exercises "inappropriate" while talks continue.

"I think we have a very good relationship". Trump's announcement appeared to catch the Pentagon and officials in Seoul off guard, and some South Koreans were alarmed.

Tokyo has reacted with concern at Trump's plans to cancel military exercises with South Korea, saying such drills are vital for East Asian security.

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