Phillie Phanatic's hot dog launch injures fan

Phillie Phanatic's hot dog launch injures fan

Phillie Phanatic's hot dog launch injures fan

In between one inning during every home game at Citizens Bank Park, the Phillie Phanatic will drive around the edge of the playing field shooting hot dogs into the stands from a pneumatic gun - a hot dog cannon, if you will - mounted on an ATV.

Kathy McVay of Plymouth Meeting underwent a CAT scan, but did not suffer a concussion, according to WPVI.

The big green mascot came out with his hot dog launcher, and was about to launch them into the stands.

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Per the report, the Phillies did reach out to McVay to apologize and "the Phanatic feels bad about what happened" (although we're not exactly sure how he explained that sentiment). "And hard", she told Sarah Bloomquist at ABC 6 News. "It just came out of nowhere".

She left the game to get checked out at a hospital, and she says she has a small hematoma.

McVay said she couldn't avoid being struck by the hot dog, let alone catch it, because of a shoulder injury that is set for a surgical procedure. "It's going to go down the side of my face".

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McVay said the Phillies reached out to her on Tuesday to apologize, and they have offered her tickets to a future game when she wants to return. "If it gives people a good laugh and if that makes somebody chuckle, then that's fine". McVay also advised fellow fans, "Just to be aware, because you never know".

A Philadelphia Phillies fan has been hospitalized after being hit in the face - not with a foul ball, but a flying hot dog.

McVay realizes some might get a laugh at her expense out of the situation, and she understands.

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