World Health Organization classifies compulsive playing of video games as a mental disorder

World Health Organization classifies compulsive playing of video games as a mental disorder

World Health Organization classifies compulsive playing of video games as a mental disorder

Since previous year, the World Health Organisation has tried to pin down video gaming that has a net negative impact on life as a disorder - but it was originally a bit wishy-washy in what it classed as a disorder.

The United Nations" health agency on Tuesday released its latest worldwide classification of diseases, known as the ICD-11, which categorises "gender incongruence' under a newly created chapter on sexual health.

In South Korea and the United States, clinics have sprung up to treat video game addiction, along with community and online support groups. The player will give increasing priority to gaming, so that it takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities.

"Disorders due to addictive behaviours are recognizable and clinically significant syndromes associated with distress or interference with personal functions that develop as a result of repetitive rewarding behaviours other than the use of dependence-producing substances", writes the WHO.

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It added that such behavioural pattern would normally have been evident for at least 12 months.

Some experts have warned that video games can be so addictive that children often get up during the night to play them. The overwhelming majority of video game adepts are young, many in their teens. The new ICD-11 also reflects progress in medicine and advances in scientific understanding.

Dr. Mark Griffiths, who has been researching the concept of video gaming disorder for 30 years, said the new classification would help legitimize the problem and strengthen treatment strategies.

Separately, the WHO listed "hazardous gaming", which is when a pattern of gaming "appreciably increases the risk of harmful physical or mental health consequences to this individual or others around this individual".

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So the World Health Organization puts "gaming disorder" on a list.

World Health Organization recommends that players should "be alert to the amount of time they spend on gaming activities, particularly when it is to the exclusion of other daily activities". The World Health Organization noted back in December 2017 that they had meant to add this to their list of illnesses.

Back at the shop in Cedar Rapids, Rairdin will sometimes offers advice about controlling video game use.

"Be on the lookout", he said, noting that concerns should be raised if the gaming habit appears to be taking over. These games are commonly played on electronic and video devices. It's also when that gamer also can not control their behavior.

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