Yoga One Of The Most Powerful Unifying Forces, Says PM Modi

Yoga One Of The Most Powerful Unifying Forces, Says PM Modi

Yoga One Of The Most Powerful Unifying Forces, Says PM Modi

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly gave a positive response to the suggestion formulated by PM Modi that June 21 should be celebrated as International Yoga Day (IDY) 2018, after which, the country's soft power, as well as the global outreach, became prominent.

Addressing the gathering at Friday, he said, "In today's fast changing time, Yoga binds together a person's body, brain and soul, hence making one experience a feeling of peace".

On Wednesday, while greeting yoga enthusiasts across the world, the Prime Minister had said that this exercise is one of the most precious gifts given by the ancient Indian sages to humankind.

"Life in the UAE is very fast-paced and yoga is especially valuable in helping us counter the stresses of everyday life, in restoring a sense of calm", he said.

About 7 million people die each year from breathing polluted air that can lead to heart disease, stroke and lung cancer, the World Health Organization said in a report last month, most of the deaths happening in Asia and Africa.

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"Yoga has become one of the most powerful unifying forces in the world".

The word "yoga" has its origins in the ancient Sanskrit language and means "to attach, join, harness, yoke".

"In yoga, we have the flawless solution to the problems we face, either as individuals or in our society", the Prime Minister said.

"Instead of dividing, Yoga unites". It is a passport to health assurance, a key to fitness and wellness. Instead of further animosity, Yoga assimilates.

Mr. Modi said yoga presents a ray of hope for future of the world.

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It is born of an "awareness of the unsatisfactory character of the human condition", says India specialist Tara Michael, author of the book "Yoga" published in France in 1980.

"India's legacy of which yoga is a significant part is unique and rich".

Dehradun: Prime Minister Narendra Modi led close to 50,000 people today in Dehradun to mark the fourth International Yoga Day celebrations while many union ministers are participating in similar events across the country. Keeping the security in mind, almost 3,000 security personnel were deployed and around 60 CCTV cameras were installed at the venue.

Mr. Modi arrived at the Friday at around 6.30 am and addressed the people before performing asanas with them. The prime minister had earlier participated in yoga celebrations at Rajpath in New Delhi in 2015, the Capitol Complex in Chandigarh in 2016, and the Ramabai Ambedkar Sabha Sthal in Lucknow in 2017.

The camp started at 5 am and 15 yoga exercises of protocol for world record were performed from 6.30 am to 7 am.

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There has been a noticeable rise in the number of Arab participants in Yoga, said Diji Shujahi, the host of the event in Abu Dhabi for four years in a row.

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