Are herpes and Alzheimer's linked?

Are herpes and Alzheimer's linked?

Are herpes and Alzheimer's linked?

In their analysis, the researchers used data from brain banks and cohort studies of the Accelerating Medicines Partnership-Alzheimer's Disease (AMP-AD) consortium, a partnership of government, industry, and nonprofit organizations.

Researchers say their findings suggest that a controversial hypothesis that viruses are involved in dementia may be correct. The research doesn't prove anything just yet, but it's an interesting theory and one that many experts have been talking about for some time.

By the 1980s, a series of studies began to pop up specifically associating the herpes simplex virus with the onset of Alzheimer's disease. In these samples, the scientists saw a persistent increase in human herpes viruses 6A and 7 in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

"This study illustrates the promise of leveraging human brain samples, emerging big data analysis methods, converging findings from experimental models, and intensely collaborative approaches in the scientific understanding of Alzheimer's disease and the discovery of new treatments", study co-author Dr. Eric Reiman, executive director of ASU's Banner Alzheimer's Institute, said in a press release. While the researchers are not claiming that the viruses play a causal role in AD progression, they do hint that viral mechanisms could exacerbate or even trigger the disease.

"The study does however provide evidence that could greatly influence scientific thinking about viruses as a potential cause of at least some cases of Alzheimer's".

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"The integrated findings of this study suggest that AD biology is impacted by a complex constellation of viral and host factors acting across different timescales and physiological systems", the researchers wrote. Multiscale analysis of independent Alzheimer's cohorts finds disruption of molecular, genetic, and clinical networks by human herpesvirus [published online June 21, 2018].

"The research is not a proof of HHV involvement in Alzheimer's", he said.

Dudley and his colleagues stumbled across this possible viral link to Alzheimer's during an analysis meant to find ways that drugs used to treat other illnesses could be repurposed for treating the dreaded neurodegenerative disease. As the authors note, HHV 6A is known to deplete miR155, lending further weight to a viral contribution to AD. HHV-7 infects more than 80 percent of infants, often causing a rash.

They found a lot of interactions, suggesting the viruses could even switch on and off Alzheimer's-related genes.

"We're able to see if viral genes are friending some of the host genes and if they tweet, who tweets back", Dudley said. Recent research has also implicated viruses in the development of Parkinson's disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

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Instead, scientists say further work will test whether herpes virus activity is one of the causes of Alzheimer's. According to the so-called pathogen hypothesis of AD, the brain reacts to infection by engulfing viruses with the protein amyloid beta (Aβ), sequestering the invaders and preventing them from binding with cell surfaces and inserting their viral genetic payload into healthy cells.

"While these findings do potentially open the door for new treatment options to explore in a disease where we've had hundreds of failed trials, they don't change anything that we know about the risk and susceptibility of Alzheimer's disease or our ability to treat it today", says co-senior author and Alzheimer's disease specialist Sam Gandy.

Like other herpes viruses - herpes simplex, chickenpox and Epstein Barr virus - strains 6A and 7 linger dormant in the body and can reactivate later in life.

Cambridge University academic Dr Alan Howard - who pioneered the study - said: "This represents one of the most important medical advancements of the century". We also provide support groups for families who are dealing with the diagnosis or people living with the disease.

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