Pink 'strawberry moon' will light up the sky this week

Pink 'strawberry moon' will light up the sky this week

Pink 'strawberry moon' will light up the sky this week

The phenomenon known as a strawberry moon should be visible across the Pacific Northwest Wednesday night, weather permitting. Like numerous names for full moons, this one dates back to Native Americans, in this case to the Algonquin, the first native peoples encountered by European settlers in the New World.

This will be the best opportunity of the year to view Saturn as this is when the planet will be closest to Earth, making it appear brighter than normal.

Summer has just started, and skygazers already have a lot to look forward to next week, as the Saturn opposition and the so-called "Strawberry Moon" will be visible at around the same time.

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On the same date, the night sky will brighten as Saturn will glow with the full moon which will rise not too far from the gas giant.

According to the reports, the Strawberry Moon would be seen in its fullest size on Thursday 28 June. Fortunately for skygazers, viewing the Saturn opposition won't require any sophisticated equipment, as a solid, reliable set of binoculars should do the trick in most cases. At that time the Saturn could be seen effectively from the Earth, rising during the sunset and setting at the time of sunrise on the morning of Wednesday 27 June.

Also Wednesday night, sky watchers should be able to see the planet Saturn, which will appear just south of the full moon and will be at its biggest and brightest of 2018.

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If you want a great view of it, call a friend with a telescope and see a great view of the rings around the planet.

A larger telescope may also reveal some of the planet's largest moons.

This is the second of three oppositions in as many months, coming after the Jupiter opposition in May and preceding the Mars opposition in July. Overnight Tuesday, Saturn will reach its highest point.

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"The Mars opposition will be July 27, and it will be perhaps the second closest opposition in almost 60,000 years, second only to the opposition of 2003", Samuhel said.

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