Google might launch gaming hardware to accompany 'Yeti' streaming service

Google might launch gaming hardware to accompany 'Yeti' streaming service

Google might launch gaming hardware to accompany 'Yeti' streaming service

Some more information about the so-called Yeti streaming service has come to light too, with Kotaku reporting that, like GeForce Now, the Google's service would offload the work of rendering graphics to beefy computers elsewhere, "allowing even the cheapest PCs to play high-end games".

That suggests that as well as hardware and streaming, the company is looking to make its own games.

Google also had a presence at GDC and E3 this year, talking to game developers about its plans.

Kotaku today reiterates that the project involves a streaming platform to offer games from the cloud without presumably having to download large files in the tens of gigabytes, as well as hardware.

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The company's commitment for this project could extend to buying game development studios outright to create content for the platform.

After a quiet few months, reports are once again circulating suggesting that Google is looking to challenge the likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft by offering high-end games.

Of course, maintaining a foothold in the gaming industry needs much more than just a hardware platform; it requires strong relations with a veritable range of game developers willing to port their products to your platform, or even make them exclusive to it.

"Imagine playing The Witcher 3 within a tab on Google Chrome", one source familiar with the Yeti platform told Giz.

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Right now, any games industry domination is simply in the planning stages, according to "five people who have either been briefed on Google's plans or heard about them secondhand", Kotaku reports. Moreover, it's also been trying to get some game studios to sign-up for its streaming service, while continuing to approach others for potential acquisitions.

But could the likes of Google, Netflix, and Snapchat change the gaming landscape forever? Instead of busting out your laptop when you're facing a particularly hard boss, you could theoretically overlay a guide from YouTube with the simple press of a button.

Google provides a lot of useful services, including the most popular smartphone operating system in the world.

Google has a history of skirting close to launches and then pulling back, so whether they're really serious about jumping into launching a cloud gaming service is the big question. For one, companies have been trying to take on Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo for years - and nearly all of them have failed. They've already hired former Sony and Microsoft exec Phil Harrison, as well as developers and marketers from key companies including EA and PlayStation.

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