Live Images Of Red OnePlus 6 Variant Leak, Boosting Speculation

Live Images Of Red OnePlus 6 Variant Leak, Boosting Speculation

Live Images Of Red OnePlus 6 Variant Leak, Boosting Speculation

The company takes a hands-on approach with its upcoming gadgets, choosing to use the media directly by teasing specifications and features.

Oneplus has released a new teaser video through its official Twitter handle.

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For one, companies have been trying to take on Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo for years - and nearly all of them have failed. Google provides a lot of useful services, including the most popular smartphone operating system in the world.

Are you planning on picking up a red OnePlus 6 now that it's on your radar?

If accurate, the red OnePlus 6 will be very unlike the Lava Red OnePlus 5T that was launched earlier this year. A simple Google search reveals that C61422 is, in fact, the RGB code for Dark Red. The OnePlus 6 is now available in Silk White (8GB RAM + 128GB storage), Mirror Black (6GB RAM + 64GB Storage, 8GB RAM + 128GB Storage) and Midnight Black (8GB RAM + 128GB Storage, 8GB RAM + 256GB Storage).

Huawei to launch commercial 5G solutions, mobile chips in March 2019
Xu, the 5G networks will promote mobile video streaming and other services like Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. This means that Huawei will possibly debut its first 5G smartphone by June 2019.

If you've been saving up for the OnePlus 6 and haven't made the purchase yet, there might be some incentive for you to hold on; especially if you love the color red on smartphones. Red is a fantastic color option which caters to both the genders and OnePlus is cognizant of the fact. The today or Monday, July 2, depending on how you look at it, is your lucky day as OnePlus will announce a red version of its latest device.

If there has been one recent smartphone trend that hasn't been awful, its been the choice made by manufacturers to produce red color variants of flagship devices. Putting all of this together gives away that the OnePlus 6 red variant could be launched early next week. We'll keep you posted.

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