California lawmakers approve data-privacy bill opposed by Silicon Valley

California lawmakers approve data-privacy bill opposed by Silicon Valley

California lawmakers approve data-privacy bill opposed by Silicon Valley

Supporters of the measure hope the governor will sign it Thursday in time for a related data privacy initiative to be withdrawn from the November ballot. In addition to UCL penalties, the law authorizes civil penalties of up to $7,500 per violation.

Under the bill, consumers could demand that a business disclose what information it is collecting and whether it is selling or sharing it and to whom.

Despite the differences, AB375 is similar enough to the ballot initiative that Mactaggart's campaign agreed to withdraw its measure if the governor signed the law by the withdrawal deadline, which he did.

An unprecedented data privacy bill in the USA has been passed by California lawmakers.

The California bill, introduced just last week, was rushed into law to head off a more restrictive initiative on November's ballot that, if it had passed, would have given consumers even broader privacy protections including the right to sue if a company compromises their personal data. Gov.

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The California Consumer Privacy Act, Assembly Bill 375, allows members of the public to request that a company delete their personal information. The organizers of the initiative have said they planned to pull it upon the bill's signing. The bill's co-author said lawmakers may need to fine-tune the law down the line, but they had been forced to pass something now because of the prospect that voters would approve an initiative that couldn't easily be changed.

The California Consumer Privacy Act has gotten the support of most privacy advocates, but some have pointed out that there are a few loopholes in the law that could cause problems.

"The state that pioneered the tech revolution is now, rightly, a pioneer in consumer privacy safeguards", James Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media, one of the bill's main backers, said in a statement.

Companies will not be able to retaliate financially when people opt out of their information being sold.

This law also comes on the heels of the Federal Trade Commission's announcement of hearings on the harmonization and interpretation of federal and state laws that address unfair and deceptive practices, including privacy.

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State Sen. Bob Hertzberg, a Democrat, said during a live-streamed news conference Thursday: "This is a huge step forward for California".

"That makes the lack of public discussion and process surrounding this far-reaching bill even more concerning".

During a meeting Thursday with reporters at Facebook's headquarters in Silicon Valley, chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said the leading social network supported the California legislation.

Google had warned that the measure could have unintended consequences, without saying what those might be. "We think there's a set of ramifications that's really hard to understand", Google Senior Vice President Sridhar Ramaswamy told reporters on Tuesday. Strengthening internet privacy gained traction with the public this year after Facebook acknowledged that the political data firm Cambridge Analytica had ended up with information from 87 million users' profiles without their consent.

It passed the Legislature without any dissenting votes. "State-specific laws will stifle American innovation and confuse consumers", CTIA said.

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