Dear Samsung mobe owners: It may leak your private pics to randoms

Dear Samsung mobe owners: It may leak your private pics to randoms

Dear Samsung mobe owners: It may leak your private pics to randoms

On Samsung's Galaxy S9 support board, a user said Samsung Messages became buggy after an T-Mobile RCS/advanced messaging update on his phone.

Gizmodo first reported that on complaints on Reddit and Samsung's hosted forums that images stored on at least a few models of Samsung smartphones had been sent randomly and without warning to people in users' contact lists.

Samsung phones are sending photos to their owner's contacts without their permission, according to reports.

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The messages in question are being sent through the default Samsung Messages app, with reports stating that the app doesn't show users the files were sent. Your other option seems to be switching to a different texting app, like Textra or Google's Android Messages app, which thus far appear to be unaffected.

Additional owners of the Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 8 devices have complained about picture dumps, prompting one Reddit user to quip: "Do S9's come with divorce lawyers?"

Some believe the problem stems from the conversion from the SMS messaging protocol to the new RCS (Rich Communication Services) on the native Samsung texting app. Samsung has acknowledged the problem and is working on it, but has not pointed to a cause. The carrier told Gizmodo that "it's not a T-mobile issues" and asked users to contact Samsung.

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So we're asking - is this affecting you?

The second fix is to stop using Samsung Messages until the company says the issue has been resolved and switch to a third-party messaging app instead.

This can be done by going to Settings - Apps - Samsung Messages - Permissions - Storage.

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If you're using Samsung's Messages software, and are anxious about unapproved picture texts, find the application in the apps section of your device's settings, then go into its permissions, and disable access to storage.

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