Musk sends engineers to help Thai boys trapped in cave

Musk sends engineers to help Thai boys trapped in cave

Musk sends engineers to help Thai boys trapped in cave

The schoolboys have been trapped 800 metres underground for nearly two weeks now and according to a doctor's report two of the boys and the coach are suffering with exhaustion through malnutrition.

Mr Musk's companies could assist by trying to pinpoint the boys' precise location using Space Exploration Technologies or Boring technology, pumping water or providing heavy-duty battery packs known as Tesla Powerwalls, a spokesman for Mr Musk said earlier.

Musk added on Friday that his engineers will have to assess the "many complexities" of the situation further in person.

Initial elation at finding 12 boys and their soccer coach in a Thai cave has since turned to concern at not being able to immediately extract them, and sadness after a diver bringing supplies died during his exit.

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Musk said he was looking at ways to pump water out of the cave or to pump air inside.

"Should create an air tunnel underwater against cave roof & auto-conform to odd shapes" Musk wrote.

The dive is also dark and risky - it has taken rescuers six hours to reach the team and another five hours to return to the entrance. On Thursday, a former Thai Navy SEAL fell unconscious while swimming through the cave and could not be revived.

It is not clear whether Musk's solution will be seriously considered or whether it would work better than the methods already being explored by rescuers.

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Elon Musk has said he is "happy to help" if there's anything he can contribute to the rescue mission of a Thai soccer team from a cave.

Musk, who has made a career out of doing things a bit differently, talked briefly on Twitter about possible solutions to getting the boys out, including creating an inflatable tube system that would allow them to find their way to the surface without having to actually swim there. Don't know if pump rate is limited by electric power or pumps are too smal.

One of those folks is Elon Musk, whose Boring Company has advanced tech and expertise in drilling holes.

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