ROFL: Rowling on the floor laughing at Trump's ‘pore’ choice of homophones

ROFL: Rowling on the floor laughing at Trump's ‘pore’ choice of homophones

ROFL: Rowling on the floor laughing at Trump's ‘pore’ choice of homophones

Merriam-Webster got involved as well when they pointed out that it was the improper spelling of the word "pore", as Trump wrote "pour", instead.

Trump in a tweet, hailed himself as "best selling" author.

Trump's original tweet said that he was a good writer and had sold many best selling works, but in the very same tweet, he misspelled "pore".

However within the post, there were two spelling errors and a questionable boast about him actually writing any book that has been a bestseller.

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Such an opportunity to mock trump was too ripe for just Rowling to chime in.

Although, he altered the original tweet, it's unlikely that Trump's writing style or his claims about being a best-selling author will change.

The US president on Tuesday boasted about his ability to write "bestselling books" as he criticized the press on its constant checking of his Tweets in search of mistakes.

The mistake was seized upon by the "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling and others on Twitter, including the account of the dictionary Merriam-Webster.

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Trump/Twitter A screenshot of Trump's tweet before the message was deleted and retweeted without the typo.

The tweet has drawn the attention of numerous people on Twitter, but most notably one of the most successful writers of our time, J.K. Rowling.

She even commented that Trump didn't write his books, as a ghostwriter came forward - suggesting that he's taking credit where credit is not due. One biographer, Tim O'Brien, having written Trump Nation in 2005 and further having been the target of a dismissed lawsuit launched by the man who is now serving as president, claimed that all of Trump's books were ghostwritten, according to Business Insider.

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