A Study Shows That Babies Who Eat Solid Food Sooner Sleep Better

A Study Shows That Babies Who Eat Solid Food Sooner Sleep Better

A Study Shows That Babies Who Eat Solid Food Sooner Sleep Better

94 % of the parents of the 1,303 infants who took part in the study, completed the entire set of questionnaires until three years out of which 608 were from the exclusive breastfeeding group and 607 were from the early introduction of solid food group.

"We believe the most likely explanation for our findings of improved sleep is that that these babies are less hungry" said Lack, adding that solid foods might mean less regurgitation or greater feelings of being full. One group followed standard infant feeding advice and were encouraged to exclusively breastfeed for around six months.

Babies are wonderful gifts to families, but one thing that can definitely drive new parents insane is the sleeping habits of infants.

The new study found that those babies who given solid food and also breast milk so they can sleep better for a long time as compared to those babies who only depend on breast milk. "At the RCPCH, we recommend that mothers should be supported to breastfeed their healthy-term infant exclusively for up to six months, with solid foods not introduced before four months".

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A new study from British researchers published this week in JAMA Pediatrics supports what caregivers have thought for generations - that some solids in an infant's diet may result in a little more rest for parents.

The new data come from the EAT study, which involved 1,303 infants and was created to investigate whether introducing solid foods earlier might help prevent food allergies. She said that "while there was a short period of time in which the infants [in the study] seemed to sleep better, it can be argued that the benefits [of early solid foods] do not outweigh the risks and possible future negative effects".

Mothers should breastfeed only for the first six months and after they can introduce their baby to solid food, Both the U.K. National Health Service and the American Academy of Pediatrics advised.

The researchers found that babies introduced to solid foods early slept longer and woke less frequently at night and suffered fewer serious sleep problems than those exclusively breastfed for around the first six months of life.

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Responding to the study, Prof Mary Fewtrell, nutrition lead at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, pointed out that guidelines for infant feeding are now being reviewed.

'However, the evidence base for the existing advice on exclusive breastfeeding is over ten years old, and is now being reviewed in the United Kingdom by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition and in the EU by the European Food Safety Authority.

Plus, the added sleep time associated with solid food may not be as much as some parents think.

Fruits such as mashed banana are feared to give a baby an early sweet tooth and make them less open to trying vegetables later on. If there is any doubt about what's best for your baby, please seek advice from your doctor or health professional'.

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