Brexit resignations cause more upheaval in United Kingdom housing sector

Brexit resignations cause more upheaval in United Kingdom housing sector

Brexit resignations cause more upheaval in United Kingdom housing sector

May's premiership has been left hanging by a thread following the dual resignations of Brexit minister David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson from her Cabinet.

Caulfield said in her resignation letter that "I cannot support the direction of travel in the Brexit negotiations, which in my view do not fully embrace the opportunities that Brexit can provide".

But others argued that May had adopted the most realistic plan after losing her parliamentary majority in an ill-judged election past year, leaving her reliant on a small Northern Irish party to govern. However, the jolt has come at an inopportune moment as Britain is engaged in crucial negotiations with European officials to hammer out a deal ahead of an EU summit in Europe.

The Brexit talks are being closely followed by the Indian government and more than 800 Indian companies based in the United Kingdom with annual revenues of almost £50 billion.

The front page of the respected broadsheet Le Monde says Davis Davis "slams the door" behind him on his way out of the Cabinet and inside says his snub to May's Brexit plan "could not have been more violent".

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"She talked about Corbyn, she talked about the alternative which is delivering the country to the sort of government that I don't think people have voted for and certainly any Conservative voter would be repelled by".

"The general direction of policy will leave us in at best a weak negotiating position and possibly an inescapable one", he said in his letter.

When he entered Parliament in 2010, Raab said in an interview that David Trimble was the non-Conservative politician he most admired, "for taking the tough decisions that led to the Good Friday Agreement".

"It takes 48 Conservative members out of a total of 60 to trigger a leadership challenge; however, we are unlikely to see the challenge happen because there is not yet the belief that they have the numbers to effectively oust Theresa May", Hoez added.

"I don't think that would be sensible, it would cause an very bad lot of uncertainty, nobody would know with whom they were dealing, and so I think she will survive for those reasons", she said.

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Davis and his deputy reportedly quit overnight over May's plan to retain strong economic ties with the European Union even after Britain is expected to leave in March next year.

Downing Street swiftly appointed eurosceptic housing minister Dominic Raab to Davis's job, and said May was looking forward to working with him to deliver Britain's departure from the European Union in March.

Conservative lawmaker Michael Fallon, an ally of May, dismissed Johnson's "Brexit dream" rallying cry.

The Sun, Britain's top-selling newspaper, which has long argued for Brexit, said May had made "blunder after blunder".

Mr Davis resigned late on Sunday night, warning that Britain was giving "too much away, too easily" to the EU.

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May has said she will fight off any attempt to unseat her. "If people don't like this proposal, what is their alternative?"

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