'First Giant' Dinosaur Found in Argentina, Fossil Weighing Around 10 Tons Uncovered!

'First Giant' Dinosaur Found in Argentina, Fossil Weighing Around 10 Tons Uncovered!

'First Giant' Dinosaur Found in Argentina, Fossil Weighing Around 10 Tons Uncovered!

"But with this discovery we can see the first steps toward gigantism occurred 30 million years before the giants dominated practically the entire planet". Its kind lived between 201 and 237 million years ago, dating the animal to the Late Triassic period, and is 30 million years older than the oldest dinosaur ever found. "That's the surprise", said Cecilia Apaldetti, a government and San Juan University researcher, according to AFP.

They were discovered in a dinosaur "nest" unearthed at a World Heritage site known for its fossils in Argentina's north western San Juan province.

Remains of giant dinosaur found in Argentina indicate that the ancestors of the Diplodocus and other sauropods were the biggest animals on Earth unexpectedly early, before the start of the Jurassic period.

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Giant dinosaurs lived on Earth nearly 30 million years earlier than previously thought, according to a team of paleontologists in Argentina, who unearthed fossils of the earliest-known giant dinosaur.

The dinosaur had an elongated neck and tail, and about 10m long. It was at least twice as large as the other plant-eaters that shared the warm, savannah environment it inhabited. Called the Ingenia prima, this dinosaur was thrice the dimensions of the bulkiest of Triassic dinosaurs.

The dinosaur - named Ingentia prima, meaning "the first giant" - was up to 33ft long and weighed about 10 tons, living about 210 million years ago during the Triassic Period.

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Find, Baldetti and her colleagues belong to the number of sauropods - large quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaurs, making rate of its huge mass, a huge number of eggs in the clutch and rapid growth of young animals.

Dinosaurs first appeared around 230 million years ago, and it was believed to have taken them about 50 million years to become massive. Ingentia prima was about three times bigger and traveled on all fours.

Excavators found several vertebrae from the neck and tail as well as fore and hind leg bones. Also, its bones are lighter and present air cavities, a fact that, as the researchers showed, promoted this dinosaur species' extreme growth. It possessed a bird-like respiratory system, related to the development of air sacs inside the body that gave it large reserves of oxygenated air and kept it cool despite its large size.

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The last, iconic sauropods had the benefit of a long history of evolutionary innovation in this regard, said Dr Apaldetti.

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