Blockbuster is one store away from extinction in the US

Blockbuster is one store away from extinction in the US

Blockbuster is one store away from extinction in the US

Alaska's final two Blockbuster video stores will rent out their last movies and close up shop at the end of the week, management announced Thursday - leaving the us with a single remaining location.

It temporarily worked, according to Kevin Daymude, general manager of Blockbuster Alaska.

Just a few months earlier, one of the Anchorage Blockbusters stores enjoyed a brief renaissance after John Oliver gifted it a jockstrap worn by Russell Crowe in the movie Cinderella Man.

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Daymude says the buzz from the Oliver connection brought more people to the store. But the stores in Alaska continued to flourish for the past eight years.

The last store standing in the video rental apocalypse, however, is in Bend, Oregon.

Blockbuster has managed to keep locations open in Alaska longer than the rest of the country, thanks to the state's long winters and generally slow WiFi. "We have thought of you as family for the past 28 years", wrote District Manager Kelli Vey and General Manager Kevin Daymude in the Facebook post.

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The video rental chain in 2000 notoriously made one of the worst business decisions of all time when it rejected a young company called Netflix whose CEO Reed Hastings offered to partner with the chain and run its online operations - Hastings was "laughed out of the room" as one report put it. "We have a bunch of 19-year-olds working here - it's fun explaining to them what a floppy disk is".

"It is sad to say goodbye to our dedicated customers". He also sent John Oliver movies featuring the memorabilia as a thank you. A Facebook post near the end of June on the Blockbuster Alaska page read, "We see you out there taking selfies in front of our stores, show them to us!" According to Deadline, at Blockbuster's peak it had "more than 9,000 stores, half outside the U.S., and employed more than 84,000 people worldwide". Slowly but surely, Blockbuster began to fade away like Thanos performed the "Snap" on all of the store's locations.

Bend's Blockbuster looks just like stores from years ago - yellow on the inside and employees sporting blue shirts.

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But their survival lasted longer in Alaska, with some crediting expensive internet as a factor in keeping many people renting videos rather than streaming.

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