Trump Baby Blimp Hits The Skies Of London During UK Visit

Trump Baby Blimp Hits The Skies Of London During UK Visit

Trump Baby Blimp Hits The Skies Of London During UK Visit

Donald Trump has used his first press interview during his visit to the United Kingdom to lay into Theresa May's plans for Brexit and hail Boris Johnson as a future prime minister, as well as continuing his war of words with London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Such public criticism by a sitting US president of a British prime minister while on a visit to the United Kingdom publicly undermines May in her party, her country and overseas.

In an interview with the Sun published late yesterday, as he dined with May, Trump said her proposal to execute a so-called "soft Brexit", maintaining ties with the European Union, was wrong and would torpedo a USA trade deal.

"The relationship is very, very strong, we really have a very good relationship".

Thousands of people waving banners and banging pots and pans took to the streets of London on Friday to protest against U.S. President Donald Trump on his first official visit to Britain as president.

The controversy shadowed Trump across Britain, much like the 20-foot (6-meter) tall balloon depicting him as an angry baby that flew for a few hours in London during his visit.

May Day: Trump blasts British prime minister ahead of meeting
But after talks with Mrs May he claimed "tremendous things" he said about her had been left out of the Sun story. Trump , as he has before, criticized London's mayor, Sadiq Khan , as having "done a very bad job on terrorism".

"It's embarrassing how much our government is falling over themselves to try to appease someone who has no interest in any sort of give-and-take in the UK-U.S. relationship at all", said protester Nicola Tanner, 33, from Bristol, southwest England.

Mr Khan continued to refuse to rise to Trump's taunts after the US President attacked him again on his visit to the UK.

As for Johnson, Trump said: "I think he would be a great prime minister".

"I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad", he said.

"I think our Prime Minister should have the confidence to speak to the US President on equal terms and it's for President Trump to say what he wants about me", Khan told iTV.

And to make matters worse, he poured praise on the very man who is the biggest thorn in the Prime Minister's side and who many expect eventually to challenge her for the job - former foreign secretary Boris Johnson.

Trump arrives in Britain, questions May’s Brexit plan
She wanted to go a different route". "I think the immigration, allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame", he said .

The Sun's write-up of its interview, which was recorded, quoted him describing her as a "nice person" and saying they get along "very nicely". "But when they make you feel unwelcome, why would I stay there?" he said.

Trump called the Sun story "generally fine" but said that some of his remarks were left out. Protesters against Trump's visit gather near an entrance to the USA ambassador's residence in Regent's Park in London on Thursday. "We need to show across the world that we are not going to stand for our women's rights, which have been so hard-won and so hard fought for, to be demolished by a monster like Trump".

Mr Khan said "I shouldn't be the arbiter, as a politician, of what's in good taste or bad taste, what's important is it to be peaceful, and for it to be safe".

In a near replay of their famous hand-holding at the White House, the president briefly took Mrs May's hand after arriving as they went up the stairs into the palace following a performance from a military band.

Protesters gathered in central London to denounce the visit for stoking "division along fault lines of fear and hatred".

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