Thai Boys Speak Out For First Time Since Cave Rescue

Thai Boys Speak Out For First Time Since Cave Rescue

Thai Boys Speak Out For First Time Since Cave Rescue

During their first public appearance since being saved, the boys, who are part of the football team Wild Boars, joined the Seals to have a kick about.

The 12 boys who were trapped in a flooded cave system in northern Thailand said at a press conference that they are considering becoming novice monks as a tribute to Saman Kunan, the 38-year-old former Thai Navy Seal who died during rescue efforts.

"The ones whose homes are the furthest went first, so they could tell everyone that the boys were fine".

The boys and their coach are said to be in good health, both mentally and physically, but health officials have said there will be ongoing psychological monitoring of the group to keep an eye out for any potential "lingering trauma". An global team of rescuers using diving equipment and pulleys extracted the 12 boys and coach through the tight, flooded passageways over three days, concluding July 10.

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Doctors have advised families of the players, aged 11 to 16, that they should avoid letting them contact journalists for at least one month. I said "13" and they said "brilliant". Sitting beside them were the Thai Navy SEALs who stayed inside the cave with them once they were found.

Adul, a member of the Wa ethnic group according to the Times, speaks English well and was able to communicate to the British divers who initially found the group inside the cave and helped bring the boys to safety.

"It is a miracle", Wild Boars footballer Adul Sam-on, 14, said of the rescue, as the boys were gently quizzed about their terrifying experience. They were said to have lost an average of 4 kilograms (9 pounds) during the more than two weeks they were trapped in the cave.

On Wednesday, the boys and their coach sat down for their first press conference to talk about their ordeal.

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"Everybody was happy, it was the most hopeful moment in 10 days".

As attention turned to how they became trapped, the mood in the room became more sober.

The dramatic mission to save the group captured the world's attention, with heads of state, celebrities and even soccer stars at the World Cup in Russian Federation sending good wishes and messages of hope to the boys and the team of divers and rescue experts.

But the group soon realized they were trapped and took turns trying to dig their way out, he recalled.

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The group, which had eaten before going into the caves, took no food on the excursion, and had to subsist on water dripping from stalactites in the cave during their ordeal, he added. "We didn't want to wait around until authorities found us". "I tried not to think about food so I didn't get more hungry".

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