Trump intends to run for President in 2020

Trump intends to run for President in 2020

Trump intends to run for President in 2020

"You have different names - you can say "England, ' you can say 'UK, ' You can say 'United Kingdom" so many different - you know you have, you have so many different names - Great Britain", Trump told Piers Morgan in a wide-ranging interview for UK's Daily Mail.

Trump said he did not see any Democrat who could beat him: "I don't see anybody".

The MP for Witney and West Oxon - David Cameron's successor - added: "I had to think who I wanted to see in the mirror for the rest of my life".

But, while Democratic opponents and critics breathlessly follow every twist and turn of the -thus far- futile Mueller probe into Trump's alleged "collusion" with Russian Federation, a probe which they hope might eventually bring about an impeachment, the Republican president maintains vast support among his party members.

Piers even ventured to ask which way the Queen leans when it comes to Brexit, but the President said he decided not to ask about her personal viewpoint.

On the prospect of Theresa May being able to secure a trade deal with the US, Mr Trump said: "Oh, I think we're going to have a great trade deal".

Donald Trump’s Secret Service agent DIES after stroke on President Scotland visit
During his time in the UK, the President met with Theresa May at Chequers to discuss Brexit and a future UK/US trade deal. More than 250,000 protesters gathered in London on Friday to protest against Trump's United Kingdom visit.

The convention-shredding US President had kept the 92-year-old monarch waiting for him to arrive for their meeting for 12 minutes, with Mr Trump later failing to bow and First Lady Melania Trump failing to curtsy in another breach of protocol.

She said: "The reality is parliament is now stalemated".

Speaking of the 92-year-old Elizabeth, Trump was quoted as saying: "She is an incredible woman, she is so sharp, she is so lovely, when I say attractive - inside and out".

"She is so attractive, inside and out, she is a handsome woman".

US President Donald Trump told Theresa May she should sue the European Union instead of negotiating a Brexit deal, the British prime minister said. So usually that helps. He said he had told May how to conduct Brexit negotiations, "but she didn't listen to me".

Pro-EU lawmakers - from both May's Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party - want Britain to join a European customs union if there is no trade agreement with the bloc by January, two months before Britain is due to leave. "That's a really good thing", he said.

New Air Force One will have 'red, white and blue' paint scheme
The United States government has reached a final deal with Boeing to build two brand new Air Force One airplanes. The baby blue colors are from a redesign by industrial designer Raymond Loewy for President John F.

"I say to the British people today: I am not going to Brussels to compromise our national interest; I am going to fight for it", May wrote.

Revealing whether he was going to run for President in 2020, Trump confessed: "I fully intend to".

Morgan asked if the Queen had discussed Brexit with the President.

"Look, all I can say is this: when President Obama was in his last couple of years all they talked about was North Korea, everybody did".

"I was walking up and I was saying [to Melania]: Can you imagine my mother seeing this scene?"

"The testing and all of the..."

'Next Question?!' Trump, Putin Demonstrate The Art Of The Dodge
Bob Corker of Tennessee, who said of Trump's news conference: "I did not think this was a good moment for our country". The New York delegation was not alone in expressing disappointment with the news conference.

The Queen and her guests then inspected the Guard of Honour and watched the military march past before they went inside for their afternoon tea. Somebody said are you friends or enemies? "He's very smart, great personality, he's amusing and tough, good negotiator".

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