Lava from Kilauea 'collapse explosion' destroys Hawaii structures

Lava from Kilauea 'collapse explosion' destroys Hawaii structures

Lava from Kilauea 'collapse explosion' destroys Hawaii structures

Access to view lava flows is strictly restricted on land, making boat and helicopter tours the only options people have to witness volcanic spectacle in person.

A Hawaii Volcano Observatory crew noticed it during a Friday morning flight. She was transported to Honolulu for further treatment, said Hilo Medical Center spokeswoman Elena Cabatu.

Lava is entering the ocean and producing a large laze plume. Afterwards authorities will decide whether to increase the 300-metre restriction zone, she said.

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The blast sparked by the gradual collapse of the volcano's crater was equivalent to a 5.3 magnitude natural disaster and caused lava to burst from a fissure 25 miles (40 km) east, destroying at least one home in Leilani Estates, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Hawaii County Civil Defense said.

Lava Ocean Tours was set to take tourists out on the sunrise trip at 4 a.m., as usual, on Tuesday, although the "Hot Spot" was taken out of service after a basketball-size "lava bomb" tore a hole through its roof, a company saleswoman said. In the 2016-2017 flow to the south, there was only about 4 cubic meters per second being erupted.

"There's something new. There's something really new", he said.

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Turpin, who has lived on the Big Island since 1983, said that he has been observing and documenting these explosions and that this type of activity is new to him.

"What I saw in humanity this morning was unbelievable". The Coast Guard said tour vessels have operated in the area going back at least 20 years.

Experienced operators had been granted licences to get as close as 50 yards but these were withdrawn after Monday's accident. Last week, the lava flow destroyed the Kua O Ka La Charter School and Ahalanui Count Beach Park, and the latest number of homes destroyed by the lava flows since the eruption began May 3 is 706, according to Hawaii Civil Defense.

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Officials were interviewing injured passengers at a hospital.

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