Acting New Zealand PM Peters tells Australia to change its flag

Acting New Zealand PM Peters tells Australia to change its flag

Acting New Zealand PM Peters tells Australia to change its flag

The only difference is that New Zealand's design has four red stars, while Australia's has six white ones.

And in a gaffe that Australians still cite to this day, when their prime minister Bob Hawke visited Ottawa in 1985, he was reportedly met with a New Zealand flag (although, admittedly, Canada has a bit of a problem with getting other countries' flags right).

In 2016, New Zealand held a referendum about adopting a new flag.

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"If anything it can be argued that the idea of the Southern Cross on a flag came from Australia", said Malcolm Mulholland, a historian at the New Zealand college Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi. Experts say the increasing tensions are fundamentally altering the once robust and "special" relationship.

Nevertheless, a historian quoted this week on Newshub said that Australia was already awash in flags bearing the Southern Cross long before the design hit New Zealand.

"They never raised with me changing the Australian flag". "However, since Australian political leaders have recently signed to have their own head of state it is Australia that will have to change its flag, and soon".

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The New Zealand and Australian flags bear a striking resemblance, with both featuring a royal blue background, a union jack in the lefthand corner, and the southern cross.

The Australian flag (bottom) and the New Zealand flag, with its distinctive red stars, fly on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2005. "That will rightly restore our flag to being unique as it was in the beginning". "They need to change their flag, acknowledging that we are the first to have adopted such a design", he said. But in 2016, after a finalist for a new flag had been selected, nearly 57 percent of Kiwis opted to keep their old flag.

Two years ago, New Zealand's government spent NZ$26m holding a referendum on changing the New Zealand flag. More than half-a-million Kiwis live in Australia, and according to Australian Broadcasting Corporation, more than 1,300 of them have been deported in the past three years, raising concerns in New Zealand.

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The two flags have sometimes been mixed up on public occasions.

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