Blood moon: Longest lunar eclipse of the century is coming this week

Blood moon: Longest lunar eclipse of the century is coming this week

Blood moon: Longest lunar eclipse of the century is coming this week

According to ABC News, on this Friday, Earthlings can witness the longest total lunar eclipse that'll turn the Moon reddish orange.

The Earth's shadow will cover the moon for 1 hour and 43 minutes, according to NASA. This means it will be passing through space at a point where the cone of Earth's shadow is wider, making the eclipse last longer. Experts explain this by the fact that a red lunar Eclipse has repeatedly been observed before, sometimes in a year occurred two such eclipses.

The eclipse will also be visible to most parts of Africa‚ Europe‚ the Middle East and eastern Asia.

Early on Saturday morning a blood moon will be visible in Australian skies. North America, most of the Arctic and the Pacific Ocean will miss out entirely. Earthlings will be treated to a magical, red blood moon, the longest we've experience in over a century.

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Those in the south of the country will be better placed to see the blood moon than those in Paris or the north. This will result in Mars coming close to the Earth, causing it to appear brighter than normal and it will be seen from evening to dawn towards the end of July.

For those who aren't able to see the lunar eclipse this month, July has another treat in store for skygazers when Mars makes a close approach to Earth. That's because some of the sunlight going through Earth's atmosphere is bent around the edge of our planet and falls onto the moon's surface.

Because of the way the light moves through and bends around our atmosphere and planetary exterior, the light that hits the moon is red.

Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses don't require special equipment for viewing.

Skywatchers Looking Forward To Complete Lunar Eclipse
Nights before, the effect has already begun with the moon not yet eclipsed by the Earth, but enough to colour it very noticeably. But a small amount of light does actually pass through the outer parts of the Earth's atmosphere and reflect off the moon.

Petro added that the totality of the lunar eclipse will last for an hour and about 42 minutes. It will be a total eclipse.

The UK will have one of the best views of the eclipse in the world at dusk on Friday, as the moon turns blood red for hours. Lunar eclipses are safe to view with the naked eye, although budding astronomers might prefer to use binoculars or a telescope.

Hundreds of years ago, when people observed the moon during an eclipse, they discovered that the shape of Earth is round.

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