Lunar Eclipse 2018 in India Today

Lunar Eclipse 2018 in India Today

Lunar Eclipse 2018 in India Today

Skywatchers from around the globe observed the longest total lunar eclipse of the century as the moon turned blood red on Friday night.

Astronomers and stargazers across the world were mesmerised by the longest blood moon eclipse on Friday night, coinciding with Mars' closest approach in 15 years in a thrilling celestial spectacle.

In addition, the event will also be visible in parts of South-America, parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia. - AFP A man looks through a telescope at a "blood moon" eclipse in Oloika town in Magadi, Kenya.

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Scientists call this kind of moon a "blood moon". The moon in the lunar eclipse will also be passing through the middle of the Earth's shadow, meaning it will spend the maximum time in darkness, thus contributing to the long duration of the eclipse. "If you were on the Moon, you would see a total solar eclipse as the Earth would be blocking the Sun".

Brandon Ochieng, ' a university student told Sunday Standard that he had anticipated the earth to turn crimson red, skies to change hue, or the sun to collide with the moon in a scientic yet surreal way.

"This does not herald the apocalypse: seeing a lunar eclipse and Mars in the sky is something people should enjoy rather than worry about". When this happens, the moon turns rusty orange or deep red in color and is how it earned the nickname of a blood moon eclipse.

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Mars is reaching its opposition, when it's in alignment on the opposite side of the Earth and the sun.

The moon travels to a similar position every month, but the tilt of its orbit means it normally passes above or below the Earth's shadow - so most months we have a full moon without an eclipse. In North America, only a sliver of eastern Canada and the eastern Caribbean were able to catch a glimpse of the moon in shadow.

The entire eclipse can be viewed from Brunei until moon set at 6.23am, Hazarry said. The live stream starts at 11:30pm IST on July 27 2018, so you can hit the play button in the video embedded below at the designated time to start your viewing of the eclipse.

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This combo picture shows the transitions of full moon during a "blood moon" eclipse as seen from Jakarta on July 27, 2018. The subsequent partial eclipse will end at 3.49 am, and the moon will move out of the Earth's penumbral shadow by 4.58 am on Saturday. In Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, people at an open-air restaurant admired a rare clear view during the rainy season, comparing a live NASA webcast to what they saw above.

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