Persistence pays off for photographers shooting blood moon lunar eclipse over Perth

Persistence pays off for photographers shooting blood moon lunar eclipse over Perth

Persistence pays off for photographers shooting blood moon lunar eclipse over Perth

It will also have astronomers on hand to offer commentary on the history and science of lunar eclipses on Facebook Live.

The total lunar eclipse happens Friday afternoon (our time), and will last around one hour and 45 minutes.

A Mars opposition occurs when the Earth passes between the sun and the red planet and all three are arranged in a almost straight line, making the two planets also the closest to each other.

The longest "blood moon" eclipse this century began on July 27, coinciding with Mars' closest approach in 15 years to treat skygazers across the globe to a thrilling celestial spectacle.

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Picture: Michael GrayA composite photograph showing the various phases of the moon during a lunar eclipse in Sydney.

If you're in North America and want to watch the lunar eclipse, you still can.

The moon when it passes through the centre of the Earth's shadow, it is the first central lunar eclipse since 2011 and the second total lunar eclipse in 2018 after the one in January. The moon passed in front of the sun, casting a 70-mile-wide shadow.

This is what gives the phenomenon the name "blood moon". It will not be visible in North America and much of the Pacific Ocean because there it will be morning or afternoon.

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At least 200 people flocked to Observatory Hill in Sydney's CBD, and also to Dover Heights in the east, as the moon moved into the Earth's shadow, becoming darker and turning redder as sunlight passed through Earth's atmosphere. From 1:15am to 2:43am, the moon will be in the middle of the Earth's shadow and will appear reddish in colour. But a small amount of light does actually pass through the outer parts of the Earth's atmosphere and reflect off the moon.

In the United Kingdom, where the weather allowed, the Moon could be seen to turn red - fully eclipsed by Earth - from when it rose at 21:00 until 22:15 BST. It's the longest full lunar eclipse of the century, so you can be sure that there will be plenty of people with lenses pointed skyward. In Somalia, some hurried to mosques for special prayers often observed during lunar eclipses. This is the longest because for the last four billion years the moon has been moving away from the Earth and has now reached the ideal spot for the lunar alignment.

"The moon is passing very close to the center of Earth's shadow, so it is passing on a chord that nearly equals the full diameter of the shadow", Steve Edberg, an astronomer who recently retired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told the Los Angeles Times.

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